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Our mission is to spread the word about innovative companies that otherwise might go unnoticed.

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Who We Are

In the thriving city of Markham, businesses require a digital marketing edge to outshine the competition. Welcome to Nomadic Advertising – the local digital makreting pros dedicated to transforming your business’s online footprint.

We are a team of marketing experts, experienced in everything from comprehensive SEO audits to paid marketing campaigns. Rising to any challenge, we are ready to create a marketing campaign tailor-fit to your Markham business. From fledgling startups to established local staples, we have experience working with brands of all sizes, amplifying their brand presence online and harnessing the power of the internet.

At Nomadic Advertising, we are not just about getting you noticed; we’re about making you unforgettable. We offer an array of services designed to magnetize potential customers to your online platforms. Immerse in the Nomadic Advertising experience and witness a surge in your business visibility, credibility, and profitability.

Intrigued? We’d love to connect. Book a consultation with us for an immersive dive into our service portfolio and a discussion on how we can propel your Markham business to new digital heights. Welcome aboard the journey to redefine your business narrative with Nomadic Advertising, the ultimate digital marketing agency in Markham.

Markham Digital Marketing Services

Markham SEO Services, Google Ads and More

Markham Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Supercharge your Markham business’s digital presence with our SEO services. We bring together local insights and global proficiency to refine your website, amplifying its search engine rankings, skyrocketing organic traffic, and drawing in a plethora of potential customers. We’re here to make your business not just discoverable, but irresistible to those who matter most in Markham.

Markham Google Ads (PPC) Management

Make each click a profitable engagement with our savvy Google Ads Management service. Whether you’re targeting the bustling local Markham market or casting a wider net, we meticulously craft your ads for stellar performance and optimum ROI. Our mission is to ensure you’re reaching the right people, at the most opportune moment, in the most effective way possible.

Markham Website Design & Development

In the realm of digital impressions, your website reigns supreme. We offer custom website design services finely tuned to the needs of Markham businesses, sculpting unique, intuitively navigable, and responsive websites that captivate visitors and echo your brand’s essence. Let us turn your site into a vibrant digital storefront that leaves an indelible imprint on visitors.

Markham Social Media Marketing

Create lasting connections with your local Markham audience through our masterfully orchestrated Social Media Marketing services. We create strategic campaigns that resonate deeply with your target demographics, amplifying your brand’s voice and foster steadfast customer loyalty. Transform your social media channels into a potent marketing tool with Nomadic Advertising.

Get Our Markham Local Marketing Guide

Our five point local marketing guide is designed to give Markham business owners an introduction to the internet marketing tactics that our team has been implementing for local businesses for years now.

We have used and applied the 5 strategies in this guide to help our clients generate hundreds of new customers online. In over 25+ pages we explain exactly how we do it and how you can too.




    The people we work with are more than just clients to us. We strive to develop great relationships and do whatever it takes to make your marketing campaign a success.


    Bath Fitter is a bathroom renovation company that specializes in speedy and beautiful renovations.

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    GTA Restoration is Toronto’s go-to water damage restoration and mold remediation company.

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    Little Green Building is a Toronto based dental clinic providing dental services, dental implants and more.

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    At Nomadic Advertising we believe that all great companies deserve to be discovered.

    Our mission is to spread the word about innovative companies that otherwise might go unnoticed. We are utilizing modern technology to give our clients more visibility than ever possible from traditional marketing methods.

    Since 2014 we have worked with many businesses accompassing a wide range of industries including Healthcare, Fintech, Blockchain, Construction and more. Our team consists of experts from all types of background, we are an inclusive company that hires based on talent first and foremost.

    We build strong relationships with our clients and look forward to working with you next.




    From the greatest of lakes, to the greenest of greens, to the rockiest mountains and everything in between, we love our country and are proud to serve every single province and territory. No matter how big or how small, we have a marketing package that will fit your business! We have experience running campaigns in major cities across Canada and the US.