Dental Practice Marketing – Case Study

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January 2, 2019

The Problem

The Little Green Building first approached Nomadic Advertising after noticing their traditional marketing campaigns had slowed down in effectiveness and they needed a new approach with a digital dental marketing plan. After speaking with Dr.Paltsev and assessing their current online presence we decided a full over-haul was necessary.

Although The Little Green Building already had a website created in the past it was outdated and not bringing them any business. They recently had another company build them a new website, but it was quickly infected with malware and had brought them zero new patients. A frustrating process many dentists struggle with when trying to build their online presence.

After being burned once they wanted to make sure everything would be done right this time. We created a plan of action and got to work immediately.

Our Dental Marketing Strategy

1. New Website

The first step involved creating a new website that would better represent The Little Green Building and their practice. We used Wordpress to build a modern website with a customized design, our new design allowed us to prominently display important information about their dental practice such as:

  • Their Contact Information
  • Office Hours
  • Service Information



2. Search Engine Optimization

While building the new website our developers were able instill some best practices according to Google. This allowed us to prepare the website for a strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign.

Within months of starting their new campaign with Nomadic Advertising Little Green Building started to soar in the Google results for target keywords. Driving patients to their website and into their clinic. We did extensive keyword research and targeted terms with a very specific patient in mind.

Little Green Building saw an immediate increase in ranking upon launching the new SEO Optimized site

3. Video Marketing

Next we sent our team to the Little Green Building location and started recording. We wanted to showcase the environment at the Little Green Building, showing potential patients what the experience was like and giving them a glimpse into the staff they would be interacting with.

YouTube video

4. Google Ads

Lastly our team started a Google Ads campaign for Little Green Building. Targeting the same keywords that users were using to find Little Green Building organically ensuring that they dominate the search results page. Showing up twice, both organically and on the paid ads.

The results have been phenomenal, in the past Little Green Building generated zero new business from their website, they now regularly receive new patients from their online presence and continue to work with us each month. Improving their campaign and ensuring they are staying on the cutting edge of digital marketing for dental practices. Don’t take my word for it though, see what Dr.Paltsev had to say about working with Nomadic Advertising below:

YouTube video

Dental Practice Marketing

If you need help with your Dental Practice Marketing campaign, don’t hesitate to contact us today for a free initial consultation. We are happy to discuss your goals and see if Nomadic Advertising can help you achieve them.

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