Property Management SEO: Give your website that extra boost!

Businesses have experienced a drastic change in recent times relating to how they market and promote their services. The property management industry isnโ€™t left behind. While traditional marketing methods may still be effective, if your property management business isn’t implementing a digital marketing strategy, you are keeping it from reaching its full potential.

In this post, we will explain what SEO for property management is and how you can get more leads through optimization.

What is SEO for property managers?

SEO for property managers is the process of optimizing a property management website so that it ranks higher on search engines and gains more exposure, direct traffic, and increased leads. SEO for property managers involves analyzing property management keywords and adding them to the content on a property management website to increase the chances of appearing higher on organic search.

SEO for property managers involves various techniques and practices that can help firms land more clients. However, it might take an SEO professional to ensure that these companies get all the benefits accruing from these strategies by implementing a robust property management SEO strategy.

Optimizing a Property management website

In order to stand out from the crowd, companies should optimize their property management website to gain exposure, they should also use strategies like link building. This is where property management SEO comes in.

The first step is to conduct extensive keyword research to find what your target audience is typing into Google search. You can then add these keywords to the content for your site. By doing this, your blog and website content would cater to the searcher’s intent.

Here are some ranking factors you should focus on that can improve your optimization efforts and help you land higher in search engine rankings:

  • Meta description
  • Quality content
  • Title tags
  • Page speed
  • A mobile-friendly design
  • Responsive buttons
  • Widgets for better user experience

Property management keywords

Keywords and keyword research are an essential part of SEO. Property managers can begin SEO for vacation rentals by finding keywords that could promote their rental properties.

Keyword research helps property managers and property management companies discover the exact phrases their target market and potential clients are typing into Google search. With this information, property managers can optimize their websites for higher search engine rankings.

Keyword research is the process through which SEO professionals find and analyze the terms people type into a search engine while searching for products and services like yours. The aim is to use that data to ensure your property management website appears on search engine result pages (SERPs).

The first step to analyzing property management keywords is to make a list of related topics, phrases, and possible long-tail keywords based on your existing knowledge of the industry. Put yourself in the shoes of prospective tenants and list the phrases you would type into Google. You could always type a phrase into Google and look at the “related searches” section for more ideas.

Once you have a long list of relevant keywords on several topics, you can then analyze them in a keyword research tool like Ahrefs or Mangools.

These tools provide information like keyword density, monthly searches, and difficulty level to help you arrive at the best keyword for optimization. You can also access the great features they offer by working with us and having our team of SEO professionals help you achieve exponential growth.

What are the most searched keywords for real estate?

There are also some free keyword research tools you can use. In these platforms, some of the top keywords for real estate search include the following. Note that these may change with time based on search volumes:

  • Houses for sale near me
  • Houses for sale
  • Cheap houses for sale
  • Lake houses for sale
  • Houses for sale near me Zillow
  • Zillow houses for sale
  • New houses for sale

Using tools like Mangools and Ahrefs, which we provide with our SEO services, you can find and analyze some of the most popular keywords for real estate search and increase the potential of your website to appear in millions of searches. These platforms also come with some additional features such as an entire section dedicated to searchers’ top questions, search trends going back several months, localized searches, and much more.

Optimize your Google Business Profile/Google Maps

Optimizing your property management services for search engines puts your business on a global radar. However, it is unlikely that a property manager or property management company would service a global audience. While this may be possible by having international branches, local SEO for commercial real estate โ€“ a set of optimization practices that create exposure to your local audience โ€“ remains essential for your property management firm and its branches.

Optimizing your Google Business Profile and utilizing Google Maps can help you get discovered by local searchers.

Pro tip: ensure that you fill your business data with up-to-date information. Keep details like business addresses, phone numbers, business hours, positive reviews, and business categories in mind as you optimize your profile.

Consider creating a separate location page on your website for every location where your business exists. You can then add these pages as a website on their respective Google Business Page.

A Google Maps location gets created for every business profile. Each Google Map location can in turn be integrated into their respective location pages on your website helping customers find you easily with Google Maps.

Property management content strategy

Optimizing your property management website begins with your very first page. We recommend keyword research before writing any content. We also suggest that your H1 contains some keywords. It could be something like “Property Managers in [input location]” on your homepage or “Property management services in [location]” on your service page. You can discover the perfect phrases to use with a keyword research tool.

Analyzing industry-related keywords can help you create a content strategy that guides the creation and delivery of valuable content to your target audience.

You could also showcase your team on your “About Us” page and back this up with relevant keywords. You could showcase your properties, answer some FAQs, and provide any information that your audience would find useful.

Property management content

A blog is a crucial way to optimize your property management website. For example, you can implement SEO for vacation rentals by finding keywords and creating relevant content targeted at a rental property.

Adding a blog with rich content to your property management website can build relevance and authority, which could generate high-quality backlinks for your site. Doing this would build trust from both humans and search engine algorithms.

Topic ideas for blog posts are limitless, and keyword research tools can help you discover new ideas if you ever get stuck.

Ensure your blog posts are relevant to your readers and that you are solving searchers’ intent. Consider writing about topics like housing and real estate trends, homeowners tips and tricks, factors to consider when choosing a property, etc.

You could also make your website a go-to resource by integrating useful tools like one that tracks and calculates homeowners’ expenses in a particular area for people considering a property in that area.

Final property management marketing ideas

Marketing is a skill that requires creativity. In addition to these effective SEO strategies, here are a few extra tips for property managers that could strengthen your brand and expose you to new markets.

Property management newsletter content

Property management newsletters are emails sent periodically to your audience who are members of your email list. These emails inform them about the latest trends, news, and updates related to your property management services.

Content ideas could include discounts and promotions, holiday deals, and community news. We recommend your newsletter content be tailored toward existing and prospective clients.

Property management taglines

Taglines are short phrases that can be used to relay a brand’s value. Property management companies can use a tagline to give clarity about the firm and the solution it promises to provide. A tagline can define your brand, highlighting its mission while leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

When choosing a tagline, we suggest keeping it simple. Ensure it’s unique and consistent with your brand. Most times, the best taglines can come naturally. If you feel stuck, however, do not hesitate to draw inspiration from other companies in the property management industry, but remember to keep yours unique.

Your property management tagline can be added under your name, in your logo, and in other strategic locations like the header of your website.

Property management referral program

SEO for commercial real estate can be an effective way to drive search traffic to your site. Nevertheless, running a referral program can encourage existing customers to promote you through word-of-mouth marketing. Clients who trust your brand wouldn’t hesitate to tell friends and family about your property management services, and offering incentives offers them more reasons to do so.

Collaborate with local businesses

SEO for vacation rentals may be effective but partnering with local businesses can help your rental services reach a wider audience. We recommend conducting a background search on any potential business you want to collaborate with to identify if they have your target market, if they have a good reputation, and if a substantial number of satisfied clients trust them.

Property management social media

Property management companies and property managers can benefit from platforms like Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The trick is to create engaging content depending on the platform.

  • You can use Instagram to showcase high-quality images of the property you manage, happy clients, and property owners.
  • You can use Twitter to keep tabs on property management trends, connect with other property managers, and share industry tips that facilitate engagement.
  • Similarly, you can use Facebook to connect directly with customers. As such, you can publish content like tips and tricks, how-tos, and guides that make your existing and potential clients see you as an industry expert on Facebook.
  • Lastly, LinkedIn can be used to build a professional profile as a property manager or property management firm. You can make connections and engage with other professionals while creating formal but educational content.

Property manager LinkedIn headline examples

  1. This headline grabs attention by generously displaying the managerโ€™s strength as a skilled negotiator. This is a trait the client seeks. They want a manager that can get them the best deal. Thus, the headline went on to flaunt past success and experience.

  1. This headline reassures clients of the managerโ€™s expertise right off the bat. It also highlights the manager’s specialty and philosophy.

  1. This manager aims to stand out by stating a career accomplishment. The headline went further to list the manager’s expertise and ability to deliver real results.

Looking for SEO property management services?

Search Engine Optimization requires expertise and involves a long list of tips and tricks for on-page SEO and off-page SEO. At Nomadic Advertising, we have a team of marketing professionals who can help you in your SEO efforts. We can create your property management website and drive tons of organic traffic to it through SEO.

Book a free consultation with us today, and let us manage your firm’s SEO strategies.

Key Takeaways

  • SEO for property management are SEO practices aimed at optimizing property management companies for online visibility.
  • A property management website is a starting point when it comes to SEO for property managers.
  • Optimizing your website can help you stand out in the property management industry making you an authority to potential tenants and search engine algorithms.
  • Google My Business Profile and Google Maps can aid visibility to local audiences.
  • Keyword research is at the heart of SEO and when you work with Nomadic advertising, you get access to Ahrefs and Mangools, two robust keyword research tools.
  • Marketing requires expertise and hiring a property management SEO agency like Nomadic Advertising can yield measurable results without the added workload.

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