Fintech SEO Success – 4 x Traffic in 6 Months

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Johnny Baskin, CEO and Founder of Nomadic Advertising, is a seasoned digital marketing expert with a passion for innovation, technology and finance. With over 8 years of experience in the SEO industry, Johnny has successfully helped numerous businesses across various sectors such as Healthcare, Fintech, Blockchain, Construction, and more to reach their marketing goals.

March 29, 2024

In the competitive realm of fintech, standing out is paramount. Resolve, a pioneering company that enhances businesses by offering net payment terms and credit lines, faced the challenge of making their mark in the digital landscape. This case study delves into how Nomadic Advertising propelled Resolve to quadruple its organic traffic within a mere six months, securing its position at the forefront of the fintech industry.

The Challenge

Resolve’s innovative approach to B2B payments and credit solutions demanded visibility in an overly saturated market. Despite offering superior services, their online presence was not translating into the desired organic search traffic. The challenge was twofold: increase organic visibility on Google and align SEO strategies with profitable Google Ads terms to maximize conversions.

Our Strategy

Nomadic Advertising embarked on a multifaceted strategy, starting with an in-depth collaboration with Resolve’s Google Ads agency. This partnership allowed us to identify and target high-conversion keywords, ensuring a cohesive approach across paid and organic channels.

Our strategy included:

Keyword Alignment: Utilizing data from Google Ads to identify lucrative keywords, optimizing SEO efforts to target these terms organically.

Content Creation: Writing thousands of words of compelling content, keeping Resolve’s blog fresh and informative, positioning them as thought leaders in their industry.

Technical SEO: Assisting Resolve through a seamless transition to a new website platform, ensuring no loss in SEO performance and enhancing technical aspects for improved ranking.

Continuous Collaboration: Working closely with Resolve’s team and their agency to ensure strategies were aligned, goals were met, and efforts were synergized across the board.

The Results

The outcomes of our strategic collaboration were remarkable:

Organic Traffic Growth: Resolve’s website traffic from Google search quadrupled in six months according to ahrefs data, a testament to the effectiveness of our targeted SEO strategy.

Keyword Success: We secured top spots in search results for critical business-driving keywords, enhancing visibility and driving conversions.

Content Mastery: Through the creation of engaging, informative content, we positioned Resolve as a key thought leader, attracting a wider audience and establishing authority in the fintech space.


Resolve’s success story is a clear indicator of the power of strategic SEO aligned with comprehensive digital marketing efforts. In a world where online visibility is crucial, Nomadic Advertising’s tailored approach propelled Resolve into the spotlight, driving traffic, conversions, and ultimately, business growth. This case study not only showcases our ability to navigate the complexities of fintech marketing but also underscores our commitment to our clients’ success.

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