Mobile Content Marketing Tips For 2023

In this digital age considering mobile users is key when developing a business marketing strategy. This is because there are billions of people accessing the internet from their mobile devices. Mobile content marketing has several benefits! Optimizing your marketing content for mobile devices will help in reaching a large target audience, which will significantly help your business grow. Creating an effective strategy can be challenging, which is why we want to help you. In this article, we will provide you with our mobile content marketing tips so you can get started.

Why mobile marketing is important

Over half of the organic internet traffic comes from mobile devices. Mobile marketing has become essential in this age as mobile devices have become the main way of accessing the internet.

The following are reasons why mobile marketing is important:

Precise targeting

We use mobile marketing to precisely target our selected business demographic. Mobile devices provide us with valuable insight into users’ purchasing intent and history. We use data, such as behavior and location, to deliver targeted digital marketing messages. This way, we can easily reach potential customers interested in our products at the right time and create an effective targeted campaign.

Improved engagement rates

Mobile marketing provides us with several effective channels we can use to engage our customers. Some of these mobile channels include SMS marketing, push notifications, mobile apps, and social media. Using these channels, we have direct access to our customers and are able to build relationships, which in turn generate leads and increase sales.

Competitive advantage

Mobile devices have become something individuals cannot live without and is a key part of their daily activities. Small businesses that fail to invest in mobile marketing would fall behind their competitors. By implementing mobile marketing strategies, we can make our business stand out from competitors. We are able to boost our social media presence and generate organic traffic to our websites.


Compared to other marketing channels, mobile marketing is much more cost-effective. We are able to reach a large mobile audience at minimal cost. With mobile marketing, we can track and measure the effectiveness of our advertisements in real-time using tools like Google Analytics. This provides us with valuable insight and data on what is working or not. This enables us to make adjustments accordingly and improve our campaigns’ effectiveness, which in turn provides a high ROI.


What does a content strategy for mobile look like?

When developing a content strategy for mobile marketing, there are several principles we consider. We follow these basic principles to create the best mobile experience that will engage smartphone users and also drive conversions.

When developing content for mobile devices, we first ensure it is:

  • Easily digestible
  • Optimized for touch navigation
  • And that it loads quickly

To that end, it is essential to keep your paragraphs short, between 4-5 lines, and use subheadings or lists and bullet points. Also, ensure that the font you use is legible and fit for phone screens.

Another basic principle is considering how you want your content to be distributed and promoted. It is very important to tailor your content and message to the type of channel you are using and its audience. A few channels we use in reaching mobile users include social media and email marketing. For social media, a short informative video with good visuals would perform well, but that wouldn’t be the same for email marketing.

Types of mobile marketing

There are several types of mobile marketing that we use in connecting with our users. The form of content strategy we follow depends on which type of mobile marketing we are implementing. Here are the main types of mobile marketing we use:

Social media marketing

Several individuals access social media platforms daily. These platforms have become an integral part of people’s lives and a basic form of communication. Major social media apps with billions of active users include Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and Instagram. Due to the number of active individuals using these platforms daily, they have become major marketing channels. Social media marketing typically involves developing and sharing content that advertises your services, products, and brand to these social platforms.

This content could be in the form of images, tests, or short/long videos. Most of these social platforms have special features that make it easier for businesses to create engaging content and easily reach a wider audience. With social media marketing, you can increase brand awareness, drive traffic to your business website and boost sales. Social media marketing is also a budget-friendly form of mobile marketing that helps to create a community for your brand and target demographics.