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June 28, 2024

Is your improvement business struggling like a house with faulty wiring? Your outdated marketing strategy might be the blown fuse, causing potential customers to short-circuit before reaching you.

This isn’t just costing you money – it’s driving prospective customers to competitors.

In this guide, we’ll overhaul your approach with effective digital advertising techniques for the improvement industry, focusing on Facebook and Google ads to build a strong online presence.

Let’s renovate your marketing and open up new opportunities for your company.

How does home improvement advertising work?

As an improvement contractor, you know the importance of a solid foundation. The same applies to your improvement advertising strategy. Let’s explain the concept step by step and make your improvement services shine:

  1. Define your target market: For example: are you focusing on luxury bathroom remodels or budget-friendly kitchen upgrades? Narrowing down your offerings will help you narrow down and refine your ideal audience.
  2. Identify your ideal improvement customers: Are they first-time homeowners or empty nesters looking to upgrade their living spaces?
  3. Choose your digital channels: Where do your clients spend time online? Facebook for inspiration or Google for immediate needs?
  4. Craft your message: Pinpoint the exact pain points your services address. For a kitchen remodeler, it might be: “Transform your cramped galley kitchen into a spacious, modern kitchen perfect for family gatherings – all in just 3 weeks.” This speaks directly to homeowners frustrated with limited space and long renovation timelines.
  5. Set your budget: Allocate more to high-value projects. A $50,000 kitchen remodel warrants a higher ad spend than a $5,000 bathroom refresh. We cannot over-emphasize the importance of sensible and correlated budget Ad spend.
  6. Create compelling improvement ads: Use before-and-after photos, time-lapse videos, and customer testimonials to show your expertise.
  7. Generate improvement leads: Track which ads are bringing in qualified prospects and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Remember, effective online marketing requires consistent effort and refinement. Don’t expect overnight success, but rather focus on steady improvement and expansion of your customer base.

Home improvement Facebook ads

Facebook offers powerful advertising tools that are perfect for improvement businesses. Its large user base and detailed targeting options let you reach potential customers based on location, interests, and home ownership status.

Here’s how to create effective Facebook ads for your home improvement business:

Visual Content:

  • Create carousel ads showing a kitchen transformation from start to finish.
  • Design infographics comparing the cost of your services to the increased home value they provide.


  • Produce 30-second time-lapse videos of a bathroom remodel, from demo to final styling.
  • Film client testimonials focusing on how their new space has improved daily life.

Precision Targeting:

  • Use Facebook’s detailed targeting to reach users interested in “Home Improvement,” “Home Renovation,” or “Interior Design” within your service area.
  • Target homeowners by selecting “Homeowners” under Demographics > Home > Home Ownership.
  • Apply geolocation targeting to focus on specific neighborhoods or zip codes in your area. This helps you align your ads with local trends and preferences.
  • Create a custom audience using Facebook Pixel to re-target website visitors who viewed your gallery but didn’t request a quote.

By focusing on your target audience and creating engaging digital campaigns, you’ll be well on your way to expanding your customer base through social media advertising.

Pro Tip:

Geolocation advertising is an area of digital marketing your company needs to stay on top of in 2024. See one of our many guides on it here.

Home improvement Google ads

While Facebook lets you show off your beautiful remodels, Google Ads puts you right in front of homeowners actively searching for help. Here’s how to make it work for you:

Keyword Research 

Think about what your potential customers might type into Google. For example: “Energy-efficient window replacement [City]” or “affordable kitchen remodel” are great starting points. Don’t forget brand-specific searches like “Moen faucet installation near me”.

Irresistible Ad Copy

Your ad needs to grab attention fast. For example, let’s say you are targeting budget kitchen ideas, try something like: “Kitchen Updates Under $15K | [City]’s Affordable Remodel Experts”. It’s specific, local, and addresses the homeowner’s needs.

Landing Pages That Convert

Create specific pages for each service, packed with before-and-after photos, client testimonials, and an easy quote request form. Make it impressive!

Ad Extensions: The Extra Mile

Use callouts like “Licensed & Insured”, “Financing Available”, and “5-Year Warranty”. List services: “Kitchen Remodels”, “Bathroom Renovations“, “Home Additions”.

Pro Tips For Fine-Tuning Your Ads

  1. Use negative keywords to avoid DIY-ers and rental searches.
  2. Match your bids to project value.
  3. Do separate campaigns for different services.


Home improvement ads examples

Want to see what actually works in home improvement ads? Let’s peek at some real-world winners. From sparkling bathrooms to dream kitchens, these ads got it right – and here’s why.

Bathroom remodeling advertising

1 – Google Ads Example from Stonemart’s of Calgary

Let’s look at the top-ranking Google Ad for “Bathroom renovations in Calgary”:

Straightforward and Helpful:

Stonemart’s ad gets right to the point, letting homeowners know they offer free quotes for bathroom tile projects in Calgary. This clear, concise message makes it easy for potential customers to consider their services when planning a bathroom renovation.

Visually Appealing and Inspiring:

The ad features a high-quality image of a beautifully tiled bathroom, showing the company’s craftsmanship. You could use a similar approach to provide potential customers with a glimpse of what their own bathroom could look like after working with you.

Trustworthy Reputation:

The ad mentions that Stonemart is “top-rated” in Alberta. This positive endorsement from previous customers can build trust. You could highlight any awards or positive reviews your business has received to build similar confidence.


The ad promises “quality bathroom transformations,” focusing on the positive outcome that homeowners can expect from working with Stonemart. This emphasis on results speaks to the desires of homeowners who want a beautiful and functional bathroom that they can enjoy for years to come.

2 – JBR Bathrooms and Tiling Facebook Video Ad

This ad grabs attention with a short video highlighting a luxurious bathroom remodel. Why video? It captures attention and tells a story faster than a static image could.

Proven Engagement:

Over 1.5K likes and interactions indicate significant interest from potential customers. The high level of engagement suggests that viewers find the content compelling and are more likely to consider the company’s services. Video is a powerful tool for generating excitement and interest in your brand.

Kitchen remodel advertising

JFK Kitchens & Interiors Facebook Ad

Real Results, Real Appeal:

This Facebook ad displays real kitchen transformations, ditching industry jargon for eye-catching visuals that resonate with potential customers.

Local Focus:

By stating “We Design, Supply & Fit in Dublin,” this ad speaks directly to Dublin homeowners, demonstrating local expertise.

Engaging Headline & Call to Action:

The question “Renovating Your Kitchen?” grabs attention, while the bright red “Free Quote” button encourages immediate action. This simple yet effective approach is a great example of attracting and converting leads.

Final home improvement advertising ideas

To give your improvement advertising strategy an extra edge, consider these final innovative ideas:

  1. Offer a “Virtual Color Consultant” tool on your website to help clients visualize paint choices.
  2. Partner with local real estate agents to provide “Pre-Sale Renovation Packages” for homes about to hit the market.
  3. Launch a “Renovation Readiness” email marketing course to nurture leads who aren’t quite ready to start their project.
  4. Encourage happy customers to leave online reviews on platforms like Google My Business and Houzz.
  5. Implement SEO strategies on your website to improve online visibility for local search terms related to home improvement.
  6. Host virtual “Ask a Contractor” sessions on social media, allowing potential clients to get expert advice and build trust with your team.

Looking for home improvement ad services?

At Nomadic Advertising, we understand the problems that home improvement companies face and we specialize in crafting targeted online ads that get results.

You can focus on improving homes, we’ll build your online presence.

Book your free 30-minute consultation today and let’s add a fresh coat of paint to your marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways

  • Visual content and before-after photos drive engagement in home improvement ads
  • Precise targeting on Facebook and Google helps reach homeowners ready to renovate
  • Local focus and addressing specific pain points improve ad relevance and conversions



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