Marketing for accounting firms: grow your business with this quick guide!

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February 15, 2024

It’s one thing to provide exceptional accounting services, and it’s another thing to make potential clients know you offer these services. Marketing can be hard – especially if you are already running your own business and don’t have enough time to learn this whole new skill. In this article, we provide you with a foolproof guide that simplifies the process of marketing your accounting firm.

Nevertheless, the technicalities of digital marketing can be overwhelming.

If you need an extra hand, here at Nomadic Advertising we are a digital marketing agency and we can help you market your accounting firm so that you build a stance in the accounting industry and increase your sales. We provide a range of digital marketing services for accountants with measurable ROI.

Marketing an accounting firm

The goal of marketing is simple: to make sure your company or business is well-known and brings in as many leads as possible. Marketing an accounting firm helps to build brand awareness, recognition, customer engagement, and increased sales. Effective marketing strategies can grow an accounting business from scratch, establishing the firm as an authority in the industry and of course, getting more clients.

Irrespective of the age of your accounting firm, adapting to modern marketing trends is required to give you an edge in the competitive market and help you remain in business. If you’d like to know exactly how you can achieve this, we recommend you follow our quick tricks and strategies. Let’s dive in!

Accountant web design

Putting your business on the World Wide Web is essentially the first step to marketing your accounting business in the digital age. CPA firm websites offer firm owners the opportunity to showcase their experience, expertise, and services in front of their target market and future clients.

We highly recommend a modern, functional, and responsive CPA website. With a target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>website built for CPA marketing, the sales channels are endless. The key here is to stand out by offering valuable content and services, thus establishing yourself as an authority in the eyes of your target audience.

Some unique features that could please potential customers and turn visitors into leads include:

  • Finance calculators
  • Due date reminders
  • Expense tracking with possible financial reporting
  • Free downloadable resources

Your accounting website remains an integral part of your firm’s digital marketing strategy and should be given the attention it deserves. Hire the services of creative and experienced web developers like those at Nomadic Advertising to build a CPA firm website that showcases your accounting services and complements your marketing efforts with effective marketing strategies.

Such professional teams like ours also feature content teams that understand the exact kind of content your CPA firm website should feature. Your homepage, service page, and landing pages will be curated with the right keywords after extensive research.

Content marketing for accountants

A content marketing strategy for accounting firms involves creating the right texts to attract and engage potential clients. Providing relevant content geared toward your company’s target audience.

For an accounting firm that already has a website in place, a content strategy could begin with an audit of the website’s content to understand what has been working and what hasn’t. One way to do this could be by diving into your Google Analytics and any other digital marketing tools you use to find working trends, engaging posts, as well as common mistakes across your websites, paid traffic, and social media channels. Set the content marketing goals for your accounting business, analyze your competitors, and understand your ideal client through representation with client personas.

With all this data, your digital marketing agency can begin organizing and curating valuable content that brings in tons of leads that turn into satisfied clients.

There are a myriad of content ideas that could drive engagement among prospective clients. You could dedicate a category on your blog to bookkeeping trends and news, creating engaging posts for bookkeeping clients. Valuable resources like e-books, templates, and cheat sheets can be offered for free download in exchange for email addresses.

SEO for accountants

Content marketing would not be effective without an accompanying SEO strategy. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of improving your website through certain strategies that ensure it reaches a larger audience thus increasing organic traffic.

SEO for an accounting business could begin by creating a Google My Business profile. This allows your accounting firm to show up for local searches.

It is also important to implement SEO as part of your content marketing strategy. Quality content that is sure to satisfy a searcher’s intent is more likely to rank higher in search engines. By conducting extensive keyword research, you will be able to identify the search terms that your target audience inputs into Google. This ensures you’re creating relevant content that feeds the intent of potential customers.

Writing guest posts on mainstream accounting blogs can also establish you as an authority to both your target audience and search engine bots. Doing this could also earn you backlinks which will improve your overall SEO efforts.

Accounting Ads

Marketing for accountants would be incomplete without paid ads. Content marketing and SEO are beneficial but the addition of paid accounting ads sums up your digital marketing strategy.

Paid ads open up lots of opportunities for your accounting firm. First, it broadens your client base creating awareness to new audiences who may have never heard of your accounting business before. With paid ads, you can display your expertise and exceptional services through ad creatives and compelling copy.

Unlike SEO, paid ads place your accounting services in front of ready buyers. This is achieved by bidding on the right keywords as discovered after extensive keyword research tailored towards the specific ad campaign. Getting this right is something we can help you with.

PPC for accountants

Pay-per-click (PPC) for accountants is a marketing strategy where CPA firm owners pay a set amount of money anytime potential clients click on their ads online. This is one of the CPA firm marketing strategies that helps accounting firms scale through the crowded market quickly. Paid ads like PPC deliver quicker results than SEO, and they should be implemented as a part of your digital marketing plan. PPC offers instant results, the ability to control ad spending based on marketing budget, and a measurable ROI from impressions to clicks and conversion.

Google Ads for Accountants


Google Ads for accountants can increase a CPA firm’s online visibility and drive targeted traffic that can easily be converted into clients. An effective Google Ad drives individuals who are actively searching for accounting services to your website. This brings you tons of leads that can be converted into paying clients depending on how compelling and optimized your landing page and overall website appear to them.

Google Ads offers a robust analytics platform that helps you measure your ROI and make data-driven decisions. The platform also features a high degree of customization for launching ad campaigns that speak for your firm and align with your audience. With Google Ads flexibility, you can make changes in real-time, thus optimizing your ad every step of the way to get even better results. Google Ads is also cost-effective. It allows your firm to adjust bids based on the performance of your accounting campaigns.

When setting up Google Ads for accounting, we recommend making the offer clear, carefully writing the copy to showcase the specific service you want to target, letting your audience see the value you offer, and ensuring the call to action is kept simple. Client satisfaction can also be announced with client testimonials.

Facebook Ads for Accountants


With Facebook PPC ads, you can create awareness and instantly connect with potential clients. Facebook ads can be used to generate qualified leads, reach out to existing customers through retargeting, and stimulate community participation around accounting topics.

Facebook ads give you the ability to reach a very large but specific audience with robust targeting, they are also cost-effective. You can define a set budget and control your ad spend. The platform also offers different types of ad formats allowing your firm to select that which best suits the specific campaign.

Accounting firm advertising examples

  1. Scotia Wealth Management states what they do in a single sentence. They also highlight a few of the services that might interest the searcher and take them to a dedicated landing page when clicked.


2. FinanTech Consulting displays their rating which grabs attention and also shows how well-reviewed they are by their clients. They also provide easy navigation for calls, directions, etc.


3. Dexado displays their expertise by telling how experienced they are.

4. This firm uses a customer review to tell a story. It’s bold, captures, and tells how helpful they can be.


5. The image here is attention-grabbing. It also features a text that’s short and makes the viewer want to know more – a desire that the CTA promises to fulfill thus generating clicks.

Social media for accountants/CPAs

Social media remains an integral part of a successful accounting marketing strategy. Like a website, it gives your business an online presence. However, unlike a typical website, it helps you engage with your client base. Social media can be a powerful tool when implemented with other CPA firm marketing strategies.

With a myriad of social media channels, it can become confusing which platform to use. We suggest LinkedIn for accountants. LinkedIn is a professional platform that potential clients use to find service providers or research their expertise. We recommend you keep your LinkedIn posts short and specific, contribute to professional groups, and optimize your profile with valid recommendations, certifications, and experience.

Twitter is another social media channel an accounting business can benefit from. This is a platform where you can stay up to date with the latest accounting trends, connect with other established accountants and accounting firms, and contribute to the accounting community. Twitter is a perfect spot for creating content that keeps accounting enthusiasts, potential clients, and even experts engaged.

Facebook can also be used to connect with potential and current clients while Instagram might not be the best fit for an accounting firm.

Bookkeeping social media posts

Keeping your audience engaged on social media requires regular posting of high-quality content. From tips to how-to guides, educational content, fun facts, trivia, and even memes, there are several types of content to grow your accounting and bookkeeping firm.

Engineer your social content to establish your firm as an authority but also ensure the types of content you post are engaging and not boring.

Rather than a long text on the history of accounting, you could provide an infographic with seven key stages highlighting how modern accounting came to be.

Educational content could target a specific group. For example: Financial Guidance for Seniors. Such content should subtly place you as an authority in guiding seniors to make better financial decisions.

Announcements, behind-the-scenes, team introductions, office celebrations, and community participation can also be shared giving your followers a sneak peek of what you’re doing when you aren’t counting numbers.

Looking for marketing services for accounting firms?

Nomadic Advertising is a marketing agency familiar with accounting marketing. We are experts in our industry and we can take the marketing workload off you so you can focus on being an expert in your industry. Book a free consultation with us today and let us explore the best marketing options for your accounting firm.

Key Takeaways

  • Marketing is an essential part of running an accounting firm required to keep it in business.
  • Hiring an expert who provides CPA site solutions to develop a CPA firm website is the starting point of your accountant marketing.
  • Content marketing and SEO are required to drive search traffic that could lead to conversions. Nevertheless, PPC advertising for accountants can deliver quicker results as it places your services in front of ready buyers.
  • CPA firm websites, SEO, PPC ads, and social media are all services that we can help you with.

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