What is CallRail and how can it benefit your business?

Call tracking is a great marketing tool that can provide you with additional data that directly showcases your target audience’s interests, how they interact with your business, and what you improve to make sure they turn into happy customers. If you are not yet familiar with call tracking, we can help!

This blog aims to be an eye-opener, introducing you to the benefits of call tracking using CallRail and how to make it a part of your digital marketing strategy.

CallRail can help you make informed decisions by studying several marketing performance metrics both on the software itself and with third-party integrations. This unlocks a whole new potential for lead generation.

As a CallRail agency partner, Nomadic Advertising can manage and implement CallRail into your existing marketing campaigns. We can also develop an effective PPC strategy for you that readily integrates CallRail call tracking for better performance and lead generation.

Here’s how CallRail can change your marketing game:

So, what is CallRail?

CallRail is a call-tracking software as well as a marketing analytics software. It is a tracking tool that provides sales & marketing teams with metrics that help them understand which of their current marketing tactics is driving inbound leads through inbound calls, online forms, text, or chats.

CallRail provides detailed call analytics and a wide variety of features that help business owners and marketing agencies make informed decisions, thus helping your business maximize the result of a digital marketing campaign.

What is CallRail used for?

CallRail is a call tracking tool that provides data-driven marketers with key features and valuable insights with which they help business owners improve the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. It can track the business calls you receive and provide you with insider information to help you understand your audience and how they are interacting with your business.

Aside from incoming calls, CallRail can also be used to track form submissions on your website. As a tracking tool, CallRail provides the marketing team with phone call analytics and real-time reporting.

CallRail is used for phone call recording which allows for monitoring and improving the customer service team. CallRail also features marketing tool integration with services like Google Analytics, HubSpot, WordPress, and other popular tools that marketing professionals like us use to boost business performance.

How does CallRail work?

The CallRail software works by providing a unique tracking phone number to each online source for inbound phone calls. This number then forwards calls to your business phone where you can pick them up as you would normally do while the software gathers valuable insights and statistics available for monitoring in real-time.

This process is referred to as Dynamic Number Insertion. This allows CallRail to track calls thus providing marketing teams with detailed phone call analytics.

How to set up CallRail

Here is a step-by-step process to set up CallRail to use it as part of your digital marketing efforts.

1) Create a CallRail account

The first step to begin tracking crucial call details and phone call analytics with CallRail is to create an account. This step requires you to visit the CallRail webpage where you choose your preferred CallRail pricing.
Keep in mind that by working with us, you get CallRail’s pricing included with our advertising packages! 

2) Create a tracking number

After you choose a CallRail pricing that aligns with your budget, you are offered a 14-day free trial and automatically logged in and allowed to select the kind of tracking number you wish to create.

Anytime you wish to create a tracking number, simply click on the “Create Number” button on the homepage.

CallRail supports offline call tracking and tracking numbers can be created for offline marketing campaigns by simply selecting “I’ll use it offline.”

3) Install the JavaScript snippet

For online tracking, CallRail provides a JavaScript code that should be added to your site to allow for dynamic number insertion. Installation of this snippet can be achieved through Google Tag Manager or the Content Management System used for your website. If this sounds too technical there are online resources you can consult to better understand how this process works, ensuring the proper installation of this feature. 

Alternatively, a better option is to leave the technical details for marketing professionals like us who may be helping you oversee the entire internet marketing campaign for your business.

4) Set up CallRail notifications

This is the step where you create notifications for numbers you have created. Notifications can alert members of your team to intake calls, missed calls, texts, and voicemails to make managing calls easier.

5) Place a call and view the stats

Placing a test call helps you confirm that everything you’ve set up is working as expected. Ensure you use a number different from the destination number to place the call.

Check your activity on your CallRail dashboard to view and examine the test phone call analytics.

CallRail Integrations

Integration with third-party marketing applications is one of the core strengths of CallRail as this expands its ability to offer marketing teams additional, useful, and organized data and features to work with. Here are the top integrations we recommend in order to harness CallRail’s full potential: 

CallRail GA4 integration

CallRail features integration with Google Analytics 4. It integrates seamlessly with an existing GA account and sends the event generated for every phone call through your tracking number to your Google Analytics Dashboard. You can then view your phone call analytics alongside other events that give better insight into calls.

Integrating CallRail with GA4 offers the benefits of comprehensive call tracking. It gives marketing teams a wider picture. They can monitor a caller’s activity before the call is placed and also study a caller’s behavior and identify what drives a user to make the call. Studying such phone call analytics alongside other marketing performance metrics provided by GA4 can help measure the impact of each marketing campaign and maximize marketing returns.

CallRail HubSpot Integration

HubSpot is an inbound marketing platform that helps attract leads and close sales. CallRail uses HubSpot Engagement API which allows HubSpot to automatically create leads from inbound phone calls and messages after integration. Recording of calls can also be accessed in your HubSpot dashboard with a myriad of call data like marketing source and call duration.

Integrating CallRail with HubSpot offers some benefits such as the ability to measure the true ROI of each campaign with integrated reporting for calls and incoming SMS messages. Phone leads can also be evaluated to determine which marketing efforts are driving sales.

CallRail Google Ads Integration

CallRail and the various CallRail competitors allow for integration with Google Ads. To link your CallRail with Google Ads, simply visit “Settings” and then “Integration” in your CallRail account and authorize Google Ads.

This integration sends phone calls straight to your Google Ads account and tracks them as conversions helping you measure the effectiveness of your PPC campaign. Marketing teams can optimize ROI, track phone leads at the source, and identify the landing page generating the most phone calls.

CallRail benefits and features

There are a myriad of benefits to call tracking and call tracking software. Below are some of the reasons why we recommend CallRail despite the pool of CallRail competitors in the market.

Call log for CallRail

The CallRail call log lets you follow and monitor the activities of your tracking numbers. Here, you can find every incoming and outgoing call from a particular tracking number. Calls can be exported, printed, and filtered with customizable insights.

Call Logs help you identify important call information. This feature can help you gain insightful knowledge on calls and the impact they’re having on your business.

CallRail keyword tracking

CallRail keyword tracking is a feature that allows marketers to track keywords and marketing campaigns by creating a unique tracking number for individual campaigns, therefore monitoring the client reports and identifying which campaign is most effective.

PPC Call Tracking

CailRail PPC call tracking works by matching inbound calls with keywords used to discover your website. This helps you understand which marketing campaigns are driving the most calls. Adding tracking numbers to PPC campaigns enables you to identify your best-performing PPC campaign from your phone call analytics.

Automatic rules are a feature that triggers CallRail to take note when a particular term is said by callers or staff. This can help you identify the number of people saying a specific word during calls. Customers are likely to use the same word as a search term, making them valuable for your marketing.

SEO and call tracking

Adding call tracking to your company’s current SEO marketing tactics can significantly improve your results.

CallRail’s call recording feature and automatic rules can give business owners an advantage when it comes to an important SEO tactic: keyword research.

With sales call recording, the marketing team can sit back and listen to call recordings to identify potential keywords and pain points that could be resolved.

Implementing call tracking as a part of your SEO efforts can help you see your customer journey in one place. It can help you identify where your leads are coming from, which specific content and keyword is driving calls, and help you understand what your customers are talking about with Conversation Intelligence.

CallRail Conversation Intelligence

This is a feature of CallRail that uses AI to provide you with a transcript of every communication with customers. This can help you discover hidden insights from inbound leads.

This feature possesses the ability to save business owners and marketing teams exponential time by providing summaries of each transcript. Insights and keywords from this AI-powered transcription can be used to better optimize marketing campaigns.

Conversation Intelligence is a premium feature that can be unlocked with any of the affordable plans in the CallRail pricing tier.

CallRail Call Recording

Incoming phone leads and outgoing calls can be recorded with the CallRail recording feature. Recorded calls help you capture every conversation and are available for review. Recorded calls can also be used to identify points where your customer service and sales teams need improvement. It can also be used to gather insights and understand what customers are likely to request during calls. Keywords for SEO and areas for improvement can also be detected during a recorded call review.

How To use call tracking software for lead generation?

Call tracking platforms like CallRail help you identify where incoming phone leads discovered your business. Additionally, the CallRail software can be used by marketers for lead generation.

Using call-tracking software for lead generation involves understanding and leveraging basic call-tracking insights. Analyzing call data regularly can help you identify the processes that are working. Doubling on these efforts thus generates more leads.

Wrapping Up 

Call tracking is clearly a very useful keyword that can help businesses grow through precise customer data collection and analysis. We highly recommend adding CallRail as part of your marketing efforts, but we understand not every business owner has the time needed to set up this software and keep an eye on all the details and features available. 

This type of effective marketing tactics requires the expertise of experienced marketing professionals. At Nomadic Advertising, we understand the technical aspects of marketing and help our clients implement and manage the right call-tracking solution for their specific use cases.

We are a CallRail agency partner, which means when you hire our marketing services, you get CallRail included in your marketing plan.

Book a FREE consultation with us today to determine the best marketing strategy for your business! 

Key Takeaways

  • CallRail is a call tracking software that tells you where customers found you.
  • CallRail can be integrated with marketing automation tools like Hubspot for advanced call tracking.
  • CallRail offers several beneficial features like Conversation Intelligence and Phone Call Recording which can be used to gather insights and in turn, generate leads.
  • When you hire Nomadic Advertising’s marketing services, you get CallRail call tracking included in your marketing plan.
  • Reviewing call recordings does not only pinpoint areas of improvement for teams but also helps identify hidden keywords for optimizing campaigns thus generating leads.
  • Call tracking can help improve SEO and help in designing better marketing campaigns by understanding the effectiveness of existing marketing channels.


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