Digital marketing for plumbing companies: quick tips to get you started!

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February 22, 2024

Digital marketing for plumbers is targeted at promoting plumbers and plumbing companies. It involves strategies that create awareness, brand the business, and enhance its reach. With the right digital marketing strategies in place, your plumbing business will turn internet users who find your services into customers.

For a plumbing business to thrive in the digital age, it is essential to adopt digital marketing campaigns as one of your plumbing marketing strategies. Most internet users would rather search for services online thus making internet marketing the best way to advertise a plumbing business.

Here at Nomadic Advertising, we can help you reach more customers with our digital marketing services. Read on to find out how we do internet marketing for plumbers.

Creating websites for plumbers

A website establishes your online presence, and it is most likely your first point of contact with prospective customers. Its content can also determine whether your visitors are converted into plumbing customers or continue with their search for the perfect plumbing service.


Hiring the web design services of a plumbing marketing agency can help ensure conversion. An optimized plumbing website should display attractive industry-related images, fast loading speed, and unique call-to-actions, and it should be fully responsive on a mobile device.

Contact information, social media links, hours of operation, and positive reviews should be strategically displayed. Plumbing service areas should be clearly defined, and exact locations could be shown using Google Maps.

Content marketing for plumbers

A website in itself would be of no use without content. Content marketing helps you tell stories that resonate with your audience, highlighting their problems and providing solutions.

Here are the basics of what a content marketing strategy for plumbers should have:

  • We suggest your plumbing website showcases expertise with years of experience, customer reviews, and links to case studies.
  • Services offered should also be displayed on your homepage and we also recommend creating individual service pages for each service you offer. They should be optimized for local search with keywords targeting your different services.
  • We highly recommend the use of blogging as a part of your plumber marketing strategies. Having a blog on your website allows you to effectively implement content marketing into your online marketing strategy.
  • Create long-form blog posts that satisfy a searcher’s intent, and you will be considered an authority by search engines and potential clients looking for plumbing solutions.

Creating an SEO strategy for a plumbing company

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial part of a comprehensive marketing strategy and it is designed to make your plumbing website rank higher on a search engine result page.

Proper SEO can boost organic traffic bringing potential customers closer to you. This is one reason why hiring a plumbing SEO company is essential to ensure ROI.

Keyword research, link building, image, and meta-tag optimization can benefit your overall SEO strategy. Conducting keyword research will also help you understand what your audience is searching for, thus allowing you to curate content that satisfies their intent.

Pro tip: creating an SEO strategy for your plumbing business could begin with making a list of keyword ideas. Find the keyword research tool that works best for you and research your industry with your target audience in mind. You can use the free version of Ahrefs to get started, although using a paid platform will definitely bring better and more accurate results. By working with us, clients get access to Ahref’s paid options as well as many other marketing platforms.


Next, analyze your competitor’s websites as well as top Google search results to identify what’s working. In the end, the data gathered should be used in your content marketing strategy.

Local SEO for Plumbers

Optimizing your plumbing website for localized searches can make it show up on search result pages irrespective of a searcher’s location. For example, ranking for searches in Vancouver would be useless to your plumbing company if you only service Calgary. This is where Local SEO comes in. It ensures quality traffic from people within your service areas.

We recommend kickstarting your Local SEO efforts by listing your plumbing firm on local directories and Google My Business. This would ensure you show up on local searches and can also help you generate online reviews.


Then, create location pages for each area serviced. Optimize these pages with locally targeted keywords, and ensure each location page integrates a Google Map that shows your location and an easy-to-use contact form.

Plumbers advertising ideas

Internet marketing for plumbers goes beyond SEO and content marketing. Paid ads offer plumbers an affordable means to promote brand awareness, rank higher on search engines, retarget previous customers, and measure ROI.

A plumber can choose to use either the pay-per-click (PPC) advertising model where payment is made only when ads are clicked on or the cost-per-mile (CPM) advertising model where payment is made after every thousand views your ad gets. There is also the cost-per-action (CPA) model where you pay only after a user completes an action like watching a video or installing an app after seeing your ad.

There are several platforms where you can run paid ads for your plumbing business, but we recommend Facebook and Google PPC ads. These two are known to be the most popular of their kind, and you can easily reach a large number of your target audience with the right keywords and robust targeting options.

Plumber PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are a model of advertising where advertisers create their adverts by bidding on their targeted keywords but only paying a fee when their ad generates clicks. This means when you launch your plumbing ad, you will not pay for the number of people who saw the ad but for the number of people who found it interesting enough to click on it.

The benefits of PPC acs for a plumbing company include:

  • They’re cost-effective for one
  • PPC ads provide faster results than SEO
  • These ads also provide targeting options that ensure they appear to the specific group of people you want to target

Plumbing Facebook ads

Plumbing companies can harness Facebook and its vast pool of users to their favor through the power of Facebook advertising. The platform offers a few objectives ranging from awareness to conversion. Choose one that best describes what you aim to achieve with your marketing campaign.

Creative images, videos, and compelling copy that resonates with your audience should be used to increase engagement. If you are promoting a service, customer reviews can also be integrated into your copy. Keywords should also play an important role of your copy, as they will help you to directly reach your audience. A good SEO strategy should unveil several industry-specific keywords to use in your ads.

From a plumber PPC agency perspective, here are some Facebook ads and why they stand out.

1) Griswold Well & Plumbing Services uses an image that grabs the user’s attention. Then, in the copy, the company subtly promotes their services.. This is a typical example of an ad that resonates with your audience. Anyone who “gets caught in a cold shower” as a result of bad plumbing would be inclined to engage with the ad and possibly hire the service.

2. Above All Plumbing, LLC offers incentives like a free inspection. They also implement a simple CTA.

3. In both ads, Robins Plumbing Inc. uses a video clip that attracts the viewers thus boosting engagement. The first ad showcases a copy capable of achieving its objective – generating likes. The second ad goes further to offer a reward for an action.

Google Ads
for plumbers

Google Ads places your business above organic search results when a user enters a query. This increases your chances of being seen in an online search, and the best part is that with Google PPC ads, you only get to pay when a user clicks on your ad.

With Google Ads, you are required to bid on specific keywords you want to appear for. We recommend you steer clear of broad keywords like “drain” or “sewer” to avoid irrelevant clicks costing you money. Consider specific keywords like “faucet not running” or “kitchen drain clogged.” Conduct extensive keyword research to find what people are searching for and how much it would cost to bid on these queries.

Here are some Google Ads examples

1. Boiler Room Plumbing creatively used limited characters to state their services, quote a customer review, and talk about pricing.

2. Macleod’s Plumbing offers a free quote encouraging viewers to make contact.

3. Plumbing & Heating Paramedics cleverly allow their expertise in terms of reviews and years of experience to do the convincing. A clear CTA and button are then provided.


4. Milani Plumbing displays its strength with its heading: Affordable Plumbing. They also provide a clear CTA and a few landing pages that might help the viewer reach them.


Social media marketing for plumbers

Building a social media presence as a plumber opens to you another marketing channel through which you can engage with your target audience. There are several social media platforms that your plumbing company can use to engage with its existing customer base.

Facebook has a vast user base and we consider it the number one platform where you can engage with homeowners.

Plumbers can also wield the power of video marketing through YouTube. Visual demonstrations, DIYs, How-To, and educational content can be shared on YouTube solving problems of searchers on the platform thus establishing yourself as an authority and your services a go-to.

Plumbing companies can engage with users, industry experts, and the latest trends on Twitter. Twitter can help build a local digital presence connecting with individuals and local businesses.

A professional profile can be created for your plumbing services on LinkedIn. This can assist with professional networking with individuals and businesses alike. Pinterest and Instagram can also be used by plumbers to showcase their work, customer testimonials, pixel-perfect imagery, tips, and plumbing hacks.

Plumber hashtags

Hashtags are simply words or phrases that are preceded by the hash symbol (#). These are used across social media sites to help individuals who may be following the hashtag or who clicked on it to find recent posts that have the tag included.

Using plumbing-related hashtags can expose your content and brand to a new audience. Hashtags that do well on a particular platform can be discovered on the platform itself. The Instagram Explore page for example can be used to discover trending industry-related hashtags. The explore page works by displaying content similar to those you’ve interacted with. For a plumbing profile, you could check out trending plumbing images and videos.


The hashtag autocomplete feature can also be used to discover new hashtags that resonate with your brand and social media posts. Try typing “#plumbing” for example and watch the algorithm make suggestions.


You may also opt for using a third-party tool like Best Hashtags or Tags Finder to find industry-related hashtags.


Final plumbing marketing ideas

We’ve covered most of the bases any plumber or plumbing company might need to get started on their marketing strategy. However, we still have a few parting marketing tips for plumbers:

  • Engage your audience across all of your online platforms with valuable content.
  • Use email marketing to promote new services, products, promos, and offers to existing customers.
  • Build an email list by offering helpful content for download in exchange for emails.
  • Host webinars that dish valuable content to both existing and prospective clients.
  • Participate and volunteer in your local community to build local awareness.

Wrapping Up

Investing in a digital marketing plan is essential for plumbing companies if you desire to book more clients. Potential customers are searching online for your plumbing services. If you rely on a traditional word-of-mouth approach, chances are potential clients will try to find you online and may end up with your competitors if you have no online presence.

Nomadic Advertising is a full service marketing agency that knows the plumbing industry very well. We can take care of the digital marketing aspect of your plumbing business, design a compelling website and create an appealing content strategy for your website and socials. We also have a team of ad experts that can take care of your Facebook and Google ads with measurable ROI.

Book a free consultation with us today and have us design the perfect marketing plan for your plumbing business.

Key Takeaways

  • Internet marketing for plumbers has become essential as potential customers search for a service and/or the credibility of a brand online before making the purchase decision.
  • SEO and content marketing are unpaid strategies that improve your search rankings and build credibility.
  • Local SEO is important for a plumbing company to prevent your marketing efforts from generating plumbing leads from areas you don’t service.
  • Paid advertising like Facebook and Google PPC ads provides faster results than SEO with measurable ROI.
  • Engaging with your audience on social media platforms builds trust and a relationship where your plumbing services come to mind once they notice an issue like a leaking faucet or the need to change a shower head.
  • Nomadic Advertising can implement these digital marketing strategies for your plumbing business with visible results generating you many more customers as well as establishing your authority as an expert in the plumbing industry.


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