Creative marketing ideas for property management: Stand out from your competition!

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Written By Jason Donegan, a seasoned and published writer on several websites. For many years Jason was also a radio producer and researcher, and it's this "leave no stone unturned" methodology that Jason now brings to all his writing - believing that deep analysis is key to a strong article. When he's not brushing up on the latest Digital Marketing news or feeding his entrepreneurial side, Jason loves to solo travel, geek out on SEO trends and get some exercise in with long walks

April 4, 2024

Are you ready to transform your property management business into the standout star of the real estate market? Just as a unique architectural feature can turn heads and draw eyes in a sea of sameness, the right marketing strategies can attract potential clients to your door.

Let’s look at the world of Google Ads and Facebook Ads to connect effectively with your audience, explore real estate giveaways that spark conversation, and refine your approach with SEO tactics that ensure you’re seen by those who matter most.

By the end, you’ll have a property management marketing plan that’s as compelling and inviting as the properties you manage, ensuring your business is not just seen but remembered.

Property management website examples

In this digital age, a property management site must captivate digital marketing brilliance to draw potential customers.

Innovative property management marketing ideas are key, and the websites we’ll explore have mastered this, providing tools and designs that serve both property managers and real estate agents effectively.

1 –

What we love:

The Uncommon Area: Insightful Discussions

  • “The Uncommon Area” on offers a fresh format with its podcast video series. It’s a strategic pivot in their marketing efforts, aimed at deepening engagement. We love that this feels very 2024 and modern – think the “My First Million” podcast video series meets property management.
  • The content ranges from practical advice on insurance budgeting to navigating contractual pitfalls, directly addressing the concerns of property owners and prospective renters.

Moments That Matter: Emotional Engagement

Homepage Storytelling:

The “Moments That Matter” video on the homepage also elevates Action Life’s property management marketing strategies.

  • This lavish mini movie goes beyond the usual mundane budget “CEO talking in their office” video seen on many websites – instead featuring real-life scenarios of families enjoying various life moments.
  • It effectively communicates Action Life’s commitment: they manage the complexities of property management, freeing you to enjoy life’s precious moments.

2 – ElevateParners.Ca

What we love:

Innovative Financial Tool

  • Powerful Tool for Investors: offers a unique real estate investment calculator, setting it apart by providing a comprehensive analysis of potential returns.
  • This calculator is handy for both potential tenants and potential buyers interested in Toronto’s real estate market.

Overall, this tool simplifies the complexity of investment returns, factoring in rental income, principal paydown, and property appreciation specific to Toronto.

And it’s interactive features like this that’ll help your website stand out from the rest.

3 –

What we love:

And staying with sites with useful tools for prospective clients, we loved HG Living’s hands on virtual map (above).

They’ve cleverly combined a Google Maps style plugin with their listings – letting potential customers and their target market see the neighborhoods in greater detail.

Property management ads

Google Ads and Facebook Ads offer distinct advantages and tools. Google Ads excels in laser-focused targeting based on user searches, while Facebook Ads integrate perfectly into users’ feeds for wider reach.

Let’s explore how to make the most of each platform.

Property management Google ads

Google Ads revolutionizes property management marketing by offering unparalleled precision in targeting potential tenants and buyers. It’s a strategy that goes beyond just visibility, incorporating:

Enhanced Targeting and Engagement

  • Focused Campaigns: By zeroing in on specific search queries like “apartments for rent under $500,” Google Ads ensures your message reaches those actively seeking your services, significantly boosting conversion potential.
  • Localized Advertising: Tailor your ads to service areas to avoid wasted spend, engaging only the most relevant audience segments.

Efficiency and Adaptability

  • Budget Flexibility: Google Ads’ adaptable budgeting fits any scale, allowing for gradual growth based on performance.
  • Optimized Spending: Through strategic keyword and negative keyword usage, your campaign remains cost-effective, directly targeting your desired demographic.

Creativity Meets Strategy

Here’s where the creative side comes in – Google offers a range of ad formats to experiment with:

Search Ads:

Text-based ads that appear in search results are perfect for targeting specific keywords like “apartments for rent [your city]” and aligning with search engine optimization strategies.

Display Ads:

Eye-catching visuals on websites across Google’s network let you showcase your properties attractively, cultinvating a strong online presence.

Example with Creative Keywords:

A campaign targeting young professionals might feature an ad showcasing a property’s proximity to trendy restaurants and nightlife, with ad copy like “Live Where the City Buzzes – Schedule Your Viewing Now!”

This targeted, dynamic approach resonates far more than a generic “Apartment for Professionals here” headline.

In a nutshell:

Incorporating these practices within your digital marketing efforts, especially when combined with SEO, email marketing, and a strong social media platform presence, can dramatically increase your online engagement.

Using client testimonials and Google My Business listings further enhances trust and local visibility.

This overall approach ensures that your property management business remains at the forefront, attracting prospective buyers and tenants effectively.

Top Tip – Focus on Time vs. Investment:

While DIY Google Ads might seem appealing, consider the time investment and potential opportunity cost – experienced professionals can often deliver a better return on your investment.

Property management Facebook ads

In today’s crowded online landscape, it’s vital to reach potential tenants where they already are – their social media feeds. Creative Facebook Ads achieve this by blending flawlessly with the user experience, enhancing engagement without feeling intrusive.

Here’s why this matters for property management:

Natural Integration = Positive Engagement:

Unlike disruptive banner ads, Facebook Ads feel like part of the browsing experience. This fosters positive brand interactions and encourages users to click and learn more.

The Algorithm Works in Your Favor:

Facebook rewards quality, creative content. Ads that spark likes, comments, and shares benefit from reduced costs and broader reach. This motivates property managers to create genuinely engaging content.

The Facebook Algorithm is Generous Again

Many site owners who spend money on Facebook Ads are seeing strong ROI again – like the heady days of 2010 – 2012.

Here’s the kind of real-world results being seen by content site managers in 2024:

Creative Flexibility for Targeted Results:

From eye-catching image ads to impactful property video tours/virtual tours, Facebook provides various ad formats and hyper-targeting possibilities to suit your goals.

This allows you to target specific audience segments, such as potential renters or even local real estate agents seeking property management partnerships.

Retargeting Power: Stay Top of Mind with the Facebook Pixel

Picture this:

A potential renter checks out your property listings online. They seem interested but then life happens – a phone call, kids needing attention, you name it. Wouldn’t it be great to give your properties a gentle nudge back into their mind?

That’s where the Facebook Pixel comes to the rescue.

Think of the Facebook Pixel as a tiny helper on your website. It keeps track of who visits and what they look at, giving you valuable insights. This lets you create Facebook ads specifically designed to re-engage those interested folks.

For example:

If someone browsed your available units but didn’t fill out a contact form, you could use that Pixel data to show them an ad with a special offer or a stunning virtual tour of a similar property. It’s like giving interested renters a friendly reminder that your amazing properties are still waiting for them.

Top Tip:

While setting up basic Facebook Ads may seem simple, leveraging the platform’s full potential, including the Facebook Pixel, demands a deeper understanding – and partnering with professionals can save time and optimize your marketing spend.

Property management advertising examples

Now that you have a better understanding of Google and Facebook Ads, let’s look at a great example of each – and a bonus one from Instagram – in the property management industry.


Hudson Property, competing in the highly competitive New York/New Jersey market,  have made excellent use of every extension they could at the bottom of their Ad here:

Let’s look at just how much they’ve fitted in here for their potential customer. Their contact details, About Us, Services, Phone number and more are all there on the SERP – one easy click away.

In fact, the user doesn’t even need to click through to the site as their contact number is right there as an easy click on their phone.


Let’s look at what working on Meta/Facebook for Canadian companies by digging into the Meta Ad library:

One company that seems to be dominating here is Real Property Management Services, and with creative Ads like this it’s easy to see why:

They ticked many boxes for us here:

  • A great use of PAS in their text – a tried and true copywriting technique
  • A simple but effective tagline is “stress free property ownership”
  • Perfect use of bold colours. That yellow sofa is certainly a scroll-stopper

What we’d have tweaked: 

As we mentioned in a previous blog, the Facebook algorithm much prefers video than static Ads these days.

So we believe we could increase this client’s reach even further with some simple but striking videos. Our social media marketing team would take what’s already working and amplify it.


And here’s a creative property management Reel that caught our eye:

Ven Pikarsky talks passionately about how he helps his 15 tenants in this short video. And all of the property tools he mentions are AI-based, which is very much on trend.

Real estate giveaway ideas

Liven things up and attract new tenants or client listings with a creative giveaway. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

“Dream Home” Contest:

Partner with local businesses to offer a prize package with home improvement gift cards, décor items, or even a smart home tech bundle. This creates buzz and taps into the aspirational side of homeownership.

“Ultimate Move-In Package” Giveaway:

This targets those actively moving. Include items like cleaning supplies, moving boxes, gift cards for local restaurants for easy takeout during the move, etc.

Community-Focused Giveaway:

Partner with a local charity or cause relevant to your area. Offer a donation in the winner’s name or a co-branded item. This builds goodwill and positions your business as community-minded.

Property management SEO

Property management is a location-based business, and SEO is vital to ensure potential renters and owners in your area find you, not your competitors, when they search.

This means optimizing your website with the right keywords and demonstrating your expertise, so those coveted top spots in Google results are yours.

Property management blog topics

Strategic blog posts are an excellent way to promote your property management business.

Here’s how to find inspiration and make your blog work for you:

Keyword Research Tools:

You can use free resources like Google Keyword Planner or paid options like KWFinder or Ahrefs to identify popular search terms related to renting or property management in your area.

Creative Blog Title Examples:

“From Tenants to Tourists: The Potential of Short-Term Rental Strategies”

“Community Matters: How Property Managers Can Partner with Local Businesses”

Or get timely and creative with industry trends and economic shifts:

“Inflation-Proofing Your Rentals: Strategies for a Shifting Market”

“Turning Desks into Dollars: How to Attract Remote Workers to Your Rentals”

Become the Local Expert:

Write posts on community events, best local restaurants near your rentals, or even school district information to attract renters. Highlight your knowledge and connection to the area.

Top Tip:

Show your creative personal touch with behind-the-scenes written insights or company stories. Authenticity builds trust, which is especially important in the property management field.

Social media marketing for property management

Think of social media as your digital open house – a chance to showcase your properties and your company’s personality. Here’s how to break out of the generic listing mold:

  • Video Power: Don’t just post photos, give virtual tours of available units, highlighting unique features. Behind-the-scenes video peeks at your team in action (doing maintenance, prepping a unit) build trust and humanize your brand.
  • Tap into the Tenant Experience: Share renter success stories (with their permission, of course). Did you help someone find their dream first apartment or relocate across the country smoothly? This look at real-life stories is social media gold.

And – let’s be honest – property management can be stressful for your clients. So make sure to infuse some humor into your Socials. Share relatable memes about move-in day chaos or the search for the perfect tenant. This shows your authentic side and makes you stand out from plain and stuffy competitors.

How to find leads for property management?

Finding new property owners to build your management portfolio takes more than just posting listings and waiting.

Here’s a couple of outside-the-box approaches to get noticed:

Target the “Accidental” Landlord:

Many people become landlords by circumstance (inheriting a property, relocating unexpectedly). Partner with real estate agents or probate attorneys to connect with these individuals, offering your management services to ease their transition.

Build Strategic Partnerships:

Connect with businesses that share your target audience – handymen, cleaning services, even interior designers. Offer cross-promotion or package deals to tap into each other’s client base.

What should you include in your property management marketing plan?

Let’s get a little left of center with some original ideas:

“History in Your Halls” Walking Tours:

For properties with a rich history, create interactive walking tours (physical or virtual) highlighting the unique stories of your building.

Seasonal “Survival Kits”

Deliver fun welcome baskets to new residents with items tailored to the season (e.g., iced tea essentials in summer, DIY hot chocolate kit in winter). This emphasizes your thoughtfulness and hospitality.

Themed Apartment Tours:

Ditch the standard tours and get your creative juices flowing.

Offer themed tours like a “Foodie Tour” highlighting the well-equipped kitchens or a “Green Thumb Tour” showcasing rooftop gardens or balcony gardening possibilities.

Looking for property management marketing services?

Let’s face it: crafting a killer marketing strategy can feel like managing a building without a blueprint.

There’s the SEO foundation work, the ever-changing social media fire code, and ads that get lost before attracting the right tenants.

That’s where Nomadic Advertising comes in. We’ll handle the marketing maze, so you can focus on what matters – happy tenants and growing your business.

Book your free consultation with us today and get ready to transform your marketing from a fixer-upper to a showstopper.

Key takeaways

  • Craft a visually compelling website that offers something a little extra: be it a video podcast or an interactive tool
  • Implement creative localized Google Ads campaigns with optimized keywords and engaging video property tours.
  • Leverage Facebook retargeting ads using pixels and creative dynamic video content.
  • Boost SEO by publishing blogs that think outside the box.
  • Build brand personality on social media featuring innovative video tours, renter success stories, and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

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