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March 10, 2022

Nearside (formally known as Hatch) is a fintech company that provides business checking accounts through its app to small and medium-sized businesses.

The problem

Nearside is in an extremely competitive industry, competing with some major players in the banking industry. Nearside wanted to show on Google organically for more keywords and drive more traffic to their site. They already had a blog but didn’t know how to best utilize it to increase their traffic and rankings. They were looking for an agency that could work with them closely and collaborate with their internal team to drive results. As the banking industry is heavily regulated they needed an agency that could not only help them create high-quality content but also ensure it follows their guidelines and passes an internal legal review before ever getting posted publicly.

The solution
Nomadic Advertising worked with Nearside to first identify low-hanging fruit by evaluating their existing website pages and blog posts for potential keywords we could rank for. As the banking industry is heavily regulated there were certain terms we had to stay away from and certain topics that were highly sensitive. Our team started by identifying keywords that Nearside could rank for, despite limitations on wording, that we could use. We optimized their previous blog posts and existing pages. We started seeing some quick wins as Nearside’s blog started to rank for many keywords that were previously missed with their past content. Our team held regular weekly meetings with the Nearside team to ensure we stayed on track and kept everyone updated on what we were working on at any given moment. Since the banking industry has many major players and highly competitive terms, Nearside needed help growing their domain authority and improving Google’s trust with them. Our team set out on a search for high-quality sites that we could help Nearside get links from. We found opportunities and helped Nearside secure many high-quality links, helping them to improve their domain authority and ability to rank for more competitive terms.

The results

We’ve helped Nearside rank for 47,000+ finance-related keywords organically on Google. We did this through on-page optimization of their site, the creation of thousands of words of content for their website/blog, and helping them to increase their domain authority. Much of the content we created was educational content that helped them rank for keywords that their target audience would search for such as “Sole Proprietorship vs. Corporation”. Making it easier for our team to get around sensitive terms/topics while also adding value to potential new users of their platform.

Nearside later went on to be acquired for $130 million!

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