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March 1, 2022

If you want to harness the power of digital marketing for your business, monitoring the performance of your digital marketing campaign is crucial. With so many different metrics to track, it can be easy to get lost, that is why we’re going to break down some of the main metrics you should be looking at.

Digital marketing metrics

What are digital marketing metrics? Simply put, these are the values that marketing teams use to measure how well a marketing campaign does. By analyzing the information, digital marketing firms like Nomadic Advertising can adjust and customize digital marketing campaigns to suit your business brand, audience, product, and more.

Website traffic metrics

1. Your website’s overall traffic

This metric accounts for all your website’s traffic sources combined. By measuring all traffic, including social media, direct traffic, organic traffic, referrals, and exit rate, you get a complete idea of your website’s overall performance.

2. Traffic by marketing channel

Reviewing the data from each marketing channel tells you which channels are working well and which ones need more attention or refocusing. Knowing your buyer personas and target audience is critical for channel focus.

Engagement metrics

3. Engagement rate

This metric is difficult to measure because it depends on the platform analyzed. While social media channels define engagement with likes, follows, comments, and shares, websites measure engagement with bounce rates, session duration, and page depth.

4. Bounce rate

The bounce rate is the percentage of visitors who leave your website without taking any action. This means visitors didn’t fill out a form, make a purchase, or click on a call-to-action. Bounce rate can affect your placement in search engines, sending a signal that your site isn’t worth looking at, so analyzing bounce rate and adjusting accordingly can help you identify where you can improve.

Conversion metrics

5. Conversion rate

This is one of the most important metrics because it tells you how well your website landing pages are converting. Whether it’s a blog or email sign-up, downloading a gift, or booking an appointment, the conversion rate is vital.

6. Click-through-rate (CTR)

The click-through rate (CTR) shows you how often people see your ad and click it. You can use CTR to gauge the strength and utility of your SEO keywords, whether your ads are relevant and helpful to searchers, and other variables.

Other conversion metrics include cost per click (CPC), which indicates how much it costs you every time a visitor clicks an ad, and cost per lead, which measures how much you pay for each lead generated.

Many other top digital marketing metrics can help you improve your marketing strategy. If you’d like more information about email marketing strategies or to learn whether website speed matters when it comes to digital marketing, call Nomadic Advertising today at 647-955-4692. We will also be glad to help your business reach its full potential through our personalized marketing strategy, curated just for you. Click here to book a consultation with us and see everything that our agency can do for you.

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