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March 17, 2022

The internet has changed the way people shop, including how they spread the word about products and businesses. Today, online reviews are an essential part of business branding.

At Nomadic Advertising we understand the importance of online reviews and a positive online presence as a way to help optimize your customer experience. Read on to learn more about how online reviews can shape your business in the digital marketplace and how our digital marketing services can benefit you.

Online reviews build brand trust

Before the web became a primary shopping place, word-of-mouth promoted most products and services. Now, shoppers leave reviews online and provide star ratings as feedback. If customers think highly of your company and its products, they are more likely to share their thoughts, increasing your visibility in major search engines like Google.

Many customers distrust businesses whose products and services carry an average rating below four stars. Even negative reviews provide an opportunity to reinforce your business’s brand and build trust with your customer base. Some negative reviews can boost your conversions by as much as 85%.

In addition, negative reviews are an excellent opportunity to engage with customers in a positive way that other customers can see. When business owners respond to negative reviews simply and proactively, it restores trust in the brand and improves the overall experience for customers.

Online reviews generate sales

Online reviews not only build customer trust in your brand and product, they also generate sales. The more reviews a product or service has, the more likely shoppers will convert to buyers. Even a small number of reviews can significantly affect your revenue.

Consumer review plays a vital role in purchasing habits, with 72% of customers stating that they will not make a purchase decision until they have read online reviews. This is especially true when it comes to significant purchases. The higher the price and the larger the purchase, the more critical the customer feedback influences purchases.

Build your online reputation with online reviews

Building your business brand and online reputation takes time, and online reviews play a significant role in fostering how customers perceive your business. Most shoppers are likely to share their experiences with a product, good and bad, with their peers. Having a good reputation, including responding to a disgruntled customer, can expand your customer base and foster customer loyalty.

At Nomadic Advertising, we focus on SEO optimization, social media management, digital marketing metrics tracking, and the importance of online reviews for improving communication and engagement with your customers through various channels. Learn more about communicating with customers during the pandemic by reaching out today.

If you’re ready to improve how your business communicates, contact Nomadic Advertising at 647-697-5264 to book an in-depth consultation and see how we can help your business get noticed online by more customers. Our team of digital marketing professionals in Mississauga can surely help.

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