Orthodontist Website: Design And Marketing Tips!

Over 65% of the world’s population turns to the Internet to look for information, products, or services. If you run any business, you need a website if you wish to get online leads. However, basic sites don’t get very far!

An orthodontist keen on getting clients online must create a great orthodontist website that stands out from the competition. But what separates a great orthodontist website from a basic one?

Characteristics of a Great Orthodontist Website

  • A great site will place your orthodontic practice as one of the best in your city, state, region, or country. This is made possible by combining several digital marketing strategies, from SEO (search engine optimization) to content marketing, social media marketing, Google Ads, and more.
  • The goal is to rank in high Google (which is where almost everyone on the internet goes to find businesses like yours). Websites achieve this by communicating effectively what makes their orthodontic practice unique.
  • Other common traits of a great orthodontist website include offering all the information required for prospective clients to take the desired action. Established sites are also highly responsive. Since most people visit the web using mobile devices, the best orthodontist websites are mobile-first.

Let’s look at some examples!

Examples of Orthodontist Websites

We’ve gone through the trouble of finding some great orthodontist sites for you. Explore the features of these sites and the other elements that make the sites unique to uncover opportunities for improving your own site.

1. Dunn Orthodontics

This Arizona-based orthodontic clinic, Dunn Orthodontics, stands out with a modern, fun site design. We love the fact that you are greeted by a header video that takes you through their dental practice, building instant trust with visitors in the process.

You also get clear pricing information from the onset, reasons for choosing them, easy steps to book an appointment, and highly convincing video testimonials of happy clients to give you first-hand information on what to expect.

2. Holy City Orthodontics

This Charleston-based orthodontic clinic immediately presents itself as the best in Charleston with a header video of Charleston and a walk-through into their dental practice and clinical experience. We love that they are highly focused on a specific area, which is great for SEO.

To earn more trust from website visitors, they introduce DR. Rebekah Anderson as their highly qualified and experienced orthodontist. There are also testimonials to further build trust. The site is modern, mobile-first, and minimalistic (very easy to scan). Other notable elements include their SEO-optimized copy highlighting value propositions.

3. Pure Orthodontics

This Canadian-based orthodontics website stands out regarding elements that are great for SEO and building trust i.e., Google Maps and clear directions. The site has also managed to establish itself as a leading dental practice for braces and Invisalign in Canada for kids, teens, and adults. There is clear information about their multiple locations in Canada. They’ve gone further to create location-specific pages, which is great for local SEO.

There are also amazing before and after photos to earn trust and clear calls to action if you want to text/find out more, or book an appointment. We also love the way they have used fun bright colors (green and pink).

4. Ballard Orthodontics

This site doesn’t waste time establishing itself as the best orthodontic clinic in the state (Washington) for Invisalign (clear braces). To earn trust, there’s a header video showcasing the clinic and happy patients with a specific focus on all patients, including those who may consider themselves too old for braces.

This kind of strategy (creating empathetic content) is great for building trust. The top orthodontists and their impressive profiles are also on the homepage to build instant trust. There are also clear CTAs and a simple process.

5. Clear Advantage

Clear Advantage’s SEO-optimized website copy makes it clear that this is a leading family orthodontic clinic in Vancouver. We also love the high-quality images depicting family dental care and prompting action (i.e., book an appointment). The leading orthodontist’s profile (Dr. Suzanne Cziraki) is included. There are also value propositions to build trust, as well as simple explanations of dental services.

Why do these websites stand out? 

The above sites stand out in many ways, from their unique/innovative design aspects to SEO-optimized copies, communicating important information perfectly, earning trust, offering compelling reasons to get in touch/prompting action, capturing and keeping attention, etc.

You can reference the above sites as an example of great orthodontist websites that balance SEO, design, branding, user experience, and other important digital marketing aspects.

If you want a new orthodontic website designed for you to match or surpass the above examples, you can seek help from dental website design and development experts. The experts you select need to offer highly specialized services, such as dental marketing services, for professionals just like yourself.

Orthodontist Website Design Tips

If you want to improve the current design of your dental website or are starting from scratch and want to do it the right way, we’ve got you covered! From our above examples, there are some key dental website design tips we can emphasize. As far as the appearance and overall design of your orthodontist site, we suggest you concentrate on the following:

1. Header Video: HD Office Tour & Procedures

There’s no better and faster way to grab the attention of your site visitors and enhance the overall look of your site than to add a header video. While at it, a header video will take prospective patients through what they should expect when they visit i.e., they’ll see your space first-hand, the different procedures, and the technology used.

A header video is also a great way to introduce yourself, your staff, and happy past/current patients. A high-quality header video will make your prospective patients trust you and be comfortable with booking an appointment, filling out contact forms, or seeking more information.

2. Strong Patient Testimonials

There should also be room for patient testimonials in your overall website design strategy. Considering potential clients rely heavily on testimonials before seeking services, testimonials from your dental patients should be collected and highlighted effectively. Most importantly, they should be trustworthy.

Ideally, you need to include verifiable patient reviews as part of the design process. Featuring Google reviews or Trustpilot online reviews is a great way. It also helps if there are video testimonials. However, remember to include a slider to avoid overwhelming visitors.

3. Visitor Roadmap

The best orthodontist websites also have a roadmap that ensures site visitors know exactly what to expect when they visit your clinic in person. Ideally, you should include an eye-catching graphic design and a tour (if possible) that showcases how simple it is to seek orthodontist services.

4. High-Quality Photography


This is an obvious but commonly overlooked aspect of orthodontist website design. Your site should have high-quality photography that is professionally taken (preferably original images from your clinic) to earn trust. The photos also need to match the site layout to inspire trust. A slideshow is a great addition to showcase different services.

5. Bold CTA (Call-To-Action)

The best orthodontist sites also have strong CTAs that inspire intended action, from booking an appointment to finding out more, requesting a quote, etc. Your site design must strategically include CTAs i.e., when a client is most likely to be convinced to take a desired action. The CTA buttons should also be visible (featuring eye-catching designs and contrasting colors).

6. Location-Specific Pages

It also helps to have location-specific landing pages. This design provision assists with local SEO i.e., driving traffic to specific local clinic locations. Instead of simply mentioning different locations, having individual clickable pages for all dental offices assists with search engine rankings and provides prospective patients with more information that can prompt a desired action i.e., a booking.

There are obviously other site design tips to consider. However, the leading orthodontist websites on Google and those we’ve discussed so far tend to be highly focused on the above design factors.

Marketing Strategies for Orthodontics

Assuming you have gotten the design aspects of your orthodontics site right, what marketing strategies should you be focusing on to get your site in front of as many potential patients as possible? How do you advertise your perfectly designed website or promote your services?

Orthodontic Advertising

While there are countless marketing strategies to consider, we suggest you focus on the three areas below when marketing your orthodontic clinic.

1) SEO for Orthodontists

Search engine optimization for orthodontists encompasses all strategies that will make a website rank highly on search engines like Google.

Orthodontic website SEO should include tasks like finding the relevant keywords your target audience uses to find sites like yours. This involves in-depth keyword research. Luckily, there are many keyword research tools like Google Analytics to consider.

Other SEO efforts include content marketing for orthodontic sites. This is about creating content for website pages and blog posts that answer common/related questions. The content should be high-quality and highly targeted (made using keywords obtained from keyword research).

Other SEO efforts include having keywords in meta descriptions, and title pages, getting cited in local directories, and creating an orthodontic Google business profile. Adding SEO into your strategy ensures website content is optimized to reach the target audience and beat competitors.

You can hire an SEO company or design agency to craft an effective orthodontist SEO strategy and build a strong online presence.

2) Facebook Ads for Orthodontists

Facebook is a leading social media platform for professionals like orthodontists keen on driving social media traffic to their sites. However, it takes time to build a loyal following organically on Facebook.

Facebook ads are a great alternative if you don’t mind paying for some traffic and you are targeting a very specific clientele. You can target patients by specific locations and demographics like age, ethnicity, interests, etc., ensuring you get the exact kind of site visitor you want to your homepage or specific landing pages. However, you need Facebook Ads expertise to get the best return on your investment.

3) Social Media Marketing for Orthodontists

There are other social media platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok, Twitter (now X), and YouTube that can be used by orthodontists to drive traffic to their sites.

Strategic social media marketing can help with effective social media plans specifically for your business and location, with a focus on beating the competition. It takes consistent social media posting, custom creatives, advanced lead tracking, professional social managers, and more to make social media marketing work across different platforms.

Unless you have the time and expertise to do everything yourself, it may be better to seek professional social media marketing.

Looking for Orthodontic Marketing Companies?

A great orthodontist website is paramount for the success of your orthodontic practice today. We’ve highlighted some great sites and the design elements or features that make them stand out. We’ve also discussed what you should be focusing on from a design and digital marketing perspective.

However, the above information won’t mean much if it isn’t implemented. Most importantly, it should be implemented properly to have the greatest impact. It takes creating an orthodontist marketing strategy to ensure you design and develop a great site as well as get it in front of as many potential clients as possible.

Here at Nomadic Advertising, we happen to be experts in orthodontic website design and digital marketing as a whole. We offer strategic web development services for orthodontists in Canada, the US, and beyond.

As a full-service digital marketing agency offering dental marketing services, our services are guaranteed to increase the traffic, calls, and appointment bookings via your website.

Contact us today for a free orthodontist website design strategy session with our able design team. Call – 645-874-3469. We do custom designs bound to convert site visitors into patients.

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