Is The Facebook Advertising Platform Getting Too Saturated?

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May 10, 2022

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Simply posting flyers around town won’t advertise your business with the world changing into a digital age. It would be best if you had a digital marketing strategy. 

With Facebook so widely known, most business owners use the Facebook advertising platform to promote their business or sell their merchandise. However, when too many advertisements are on Facebook, no one notices your brand, making it harder for you to receive sales. Follow these tips from the experts at Nomadic Advertising, Vaughan’s top-rated digital marketing agency, to get your business seen on the internet:

The future of Facebook

Facebook has increased its advertisements in different ad formats over the last five years by 30%. It seems suitable for Facebook now, but this growth means brands will have a harder time reaching a large number of potential customers organically. In turn, this has also meant that users receive an influx of advertisements that could potentially make them feel bombarded with sales and products.

With the Facebook advertising platform growing steadily, users have started to migrate towards other platforms such as:

  •       Instagram
  •       Pinterest
  •       Snapchat
  •       WhatsApp

Facebook has asured they have plans to keep its users, but the competition is tough. Facebook’s Vice President in Finance, Susan Li, stated that lower user engagement after the pandemic should be equivalent to their steady ad growth. Will the money they receive for their ad budget be worth it for Facebook later?

Advertiser’s future with Facebook

Advertising on Facebook has become more difficult since there are more brands and businesses taking advantage of this tool. Around 99% of Facebook’s revenue comes from advertising, and the number of ads has only increased. While sales on other sites have increased by over 50%, revenue from Facebook ads only increased by around 22%. The bottom line is that Facebook users are not buying from Facebook ads as much as they do from other ads. 

More ad campaigns are appearing on Facebook despite users not purchasing from the platform. If Facebook users are not purchasing anymore, and the increasing amount of brands taking advanvantage of this platform has a lot to do with it. 

This is where our specific Facebook Ads strategy comes in. With Facebook ads we don’t have to rely on the Facebook algorithm to show our posts organically. We can strategically target what kind of customers we want to see which posts, thus ensuring we reach our ideal customers.

What people usually use Facebook for

Most people use Facebook for:

  •       Keeping in touch with loved ones
  •       Reading the news
  •       Looking up acquaintances and reading profiles

Most users do not want to shop when they are on Facebook, yet the advertisements still grow. It’s clear the digital market is changing. More and more apps are starting to provide the same services as Facebook, but with fewer advertisements on their page and a larger number of sales. Knowing how to work the Facebooks ads system will be the key to shine through the sea of brands and businesses in the platform, bypassing the organic results and arriving directly to out target audience. 

Don’t let your business drown in Facebook’s ads

The Facebook advertising platform might seem like it’s no longer the most lucrative option, but that’s only because most companies are not doing it right. Here at Nomadic Advertising we can help your business as we have helped other companies since 2014. With the online world constantly changing, adapting your business for online sales is crucial to keep your business afloat. This is precisely what we offer: a personalized strategy to ensure your ad campaign will get noticed no matter what platform it’s in or how the digital market changes. 

Don’t let your business get drowned in a sea of digital advertising, let us help you stand out. Get your free proposal with us now at 647-697-5264!

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