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January 5, 2022

Each year seems to bring even more exciting innovations and digital marketing trends to the fore. Companies looking for a high-quality digital marketing strategy can look at new trends as key indicators to enhance an effective marketing strategy. Analyzing the emerging trends in conjunction with the right support is also helpful, and any business can leverage digital marketing in Windsor by Nomadic Advertising.

What are the top digital marketing trends this year?

Every effort counts in carving out a niche in this competitive new world, and trends will be focusing on video use, virtual spaces, and retiring old, ineffective approaches. The digital marketing world continues to combine tried-and-true practices, like search engine optimization, with social media presence and other effective channels. However, there are several other aspects that modern businesses can add to the mix to keep up.

1. Membership programs

Why not swap loyalty programs with membership programs? People want to be a part of something, and a membership ticks this box while offering flexibility similar to a subscription service. Loyalty does maintain customers to a point, but companies can now offer membership programs with features that consumers cannot resist; it curates value and is customizable for different levels of membership.

2. Supply chain buffering

Inconveniences like slow delivery and unpredictable inventory harm consumer interest and erode their trust. Digital marketing strategies should align with inventory, especially as supply chain issues continue to grow. One strategy is to keep a buffer of extra stock to ensure customers receive what they order (experts recommend 30 days extra to keep sales consistent and plan changes in advance).

3. Direct mail marketing

While email marketing is still going strong for its personalization and automation capabilities, direct mail marketing has been a favourite for years. Break up those digital campaigns with individualized direct mail marketing pieces that let customers hold a piece of your vision in their hands.

4. The metaverse

As augmented reality burgeons, leveraging the virtual space can open companies to phenomenal value-add opportunities. Customers will soon be able to voice search for products, see them virtually, and buy them on the spot. Being a pioneer of the Metaverse has benefits, and you might want to cash in early.

5. Social commerce

Will conversational marketing gain traction? Yes, as companies improve and normalize social media branding and selling, this trend will continue to connect companies with their target audiences. Chatbots and person-to-person selling via messages give consumers access to information on products they love and an instant way to buy them.

Digital marketing alternatives

Take business to the next level with the ideas above, from a new perspective on direct marketing to comprehensive blockchain and cryptocurrency SEO services in Toronto. Why not call Nomadic Advertising at 647-955-4692 today and harness ten years of experience into this year’s digital marketing trends? You can also contact us by clicking here

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