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September 29, 2021

Is WordPress good?

If you are looking to build a website and are deciding on which platform is best to use, you likely have heard about WordPress, but is it the right option for you?

WordPress is a good option for many use cases. The WordPress content management system (CMS) is written with a simple yet high-quality code that effortlessly produces semantic markup. In simpler words, search engines find it easier to crawl, index and rank websites that use WordPress.

To no surprise, most websites that rank highly on Google and other search engines are powered by WordPress. In fact, 42.4% of all websites use WordPress and 65.2% of websites that rely on a CMS are powered by wordpress.org.

Is WordPress good for blogs?

WordPress originally started as a blogging platform, so you can definitely count on it for managing your blog. Blogging is built into the WordPress CMS so you don’t need to download any additional plugins for a basic blog.

Is WordPress good for business websites?

WordPress is a great choice for businesses looking for a stable content management system. It allows for a lot of different functionality and you can extend it’s capabilities using plugins, that way your business can ensure it has all the features needed in it’s website. The difficulty level of a WordPress website is slightly higher compared to website builders such a Squarespace, Weebly or Wix, so if you aren’t very technical you might require some assistance from a professional, at least with the setup. Many hosting companies can help you to install WordPress.

Is WordPress good for eCommerce websites?

WordPress can be paired with an eCommerce plugin to add a shop to your website. The most common plugin for adding a store is the free “WooCommerce” plugin. It is a great option for many website owners and has an easy to use interface for checking orders, updating/adding products, categories and more.

Is WordPress good for professional websites?

Yes, WordPress is a good option to make professional looking websites. A few big names that use WordPress for their sites include bloomberg.com, etsy.com, grammarly.com, microsoft.com, nypost.com, udemy.com, vimeo.com and zillow.com.

There are also those that use WordPress to run their blogs. They include blog.samsung.com, blogs.independent.co.uk and blogs.constantcontact.com.

So, why is WordPress this popular?

  • WordPress is extremely easy to use
  • It is SEO-friendly out of the box
  • It supports a multitude of plugins that can extend the scope and functionality of a website
  • It is very flexible and can be used for any type of website, whether it’s a blog, business site, eCommerce shop, news outlet, and more.

10 Reasons to use WordPress

There are tons of benefits of WordPress, specifically wordpress.org. Most of these benefits can be classified into the four aforementioned reasons why WordPress is the best option for your website, but there are many more:

Ease of use 

#1 WordPress is free

This is one of the most common questions we get asked here at Nomadic Advertising: is WordPress free? Yes, wordpress.org is a free software that you can download, install and use at will. You can even modify the code to meet your needs.

As a CMS, WordPress is basically offering you a chance to own a website and have an online presence. And you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg for that. Remember, an online presence is the first step towards SEO.

#2 You don’t have to be a programmer to use WordPress

With a little bit of Googling and reading WordPress tutorials, just about anyone can figure out how to use it.

Granted, some features like editing the WordPress code require some HTML knowledge. However, even without any web development skills, you can still setup a WordPress site, install themes and use plugins. That’s pretty much all there is to using WordPress.

#3 WordPress is easy to manage

First off, the WordPress admin dashboard comes with a built-in system for updating themes and plugins. You won’t have to do any coding. 

Additionally, the fact that it’s the most popular CMS in the world means that there are many people asking about how to use WordPress and WordPress SEO. Which means there are just as many people providing answers to those questions. Whenever you feel stuck, you can always rely on Google to pull some handy guides on how to build and use your WordPress site.

SEO Benefits of WordPress

#4 Excellent user experience

WordPress is inherently user-friendly and loads very quickly regardless of the theme you use. Plus, it’s designed to be responsive, which makes it a darling for search engines.

More to the SEO point, WordPress allows you to perform on-page search engine optimization tasks with ease. You can, for example, add image alt attributes on all your photos. It also lets you do Schema markup right from your site, provided you have the right plugin for structured data. This is not just important for user experience, but also for search engine discoverability.

#5 Creating content for a WordPress website is a breeze

For one, WordPress now uses the Gutenberg Project (also known as the Block Editor) rather than the traditional text editor. The former automatically wraps page titles with a H1 tag. This allows you to properly structure your content with subsequent tags (H2, H3 all through H6).

Creating such a well-organized structure makes your content friendly to search engines. The result is that your webpages stand to rank better than if you used a different CMS.

Vast Variety of Plugins Available

#6 On-site SEO plugins

In case you don’t already know, a WordPress plugin is a software package which packs a group of functions that you can add to your WordPress website to extend its functionality.

WooCommerce , for example, adds eCommerce functions to your website to make it an online store. It’s one of the tens of thousands (over 50,000) plugins that are available to choose from. Some of these plugins are specifically designed for on-site search engine optimization. SEMRush, Yoast, Google Search Console, Ahrefs, and Rank Math are just a few that can help with keywords and content analysis. That includes adding meta tags, i.e., your title tags as well as meta descriptions. Ultimately, these actions help your WordPress website to rank higher in search engines.

You can also use caching plugins like WP Fastest Cache, and image compression plugins like Smush, to speed up load times for your website. Google and other search engines value sites that load quickly.

#7 Off-site SEO plugins

The best off-site SEO plugins for WordPress are those that can help you to create social media links. The more your content is visible on socials, the more your brand grows. This is indirect SEO and can increase the click-through rate of your website.

Yoast does a great job at creating social media snippets for webpages. You can customize how the snippet appears when you or other people share your content on social media.

#8 Plugins for analytics

WordPress search engine optimization is not complete without analytics: It’s at the heart of technical SEO.

Analytics essentially show how much traffic you’re getting, where the traffic is coming from, the demographics of your website’s visitors, what they are looking for on your site, and so on. You can use this information to create content for your audience based on its preferences. If you’re an online shop, you’ll know exactly the kind of products to stock.

The best plugins for WordPress analytics are Google Analytics and Google Search Console. They don’t just show how many people visit your website, they also pinpoint the keywords that led those people to the site and what they do once they land on it.

Flexibility Benefits of WordPress

#9 WordPress has a customizable code

WordPress is open code, meaning that you can access and edit that code that it runs on. This lets you customize your entire website however and whenever you want, but you’ll need to be proficient in HTML before you can pull it off. 

This begs the question: why use WordPress over HTML? The answer is simple: it’s because WordPress provides a ready-made skeleton. It makes web building simple, time-efficient and straightforward. Building a website from scratch typically requires a lot of time and effort, which you can easily save by using WordPress.

#10 WordPress can power any type of website

One myth about WordPress is that it’s only good for blogs. It is excellent for blogs, but it’s also superb for other types of websites.

Thanks to the wide variety of WordPress themes and plugins, you can customize your website into anything you want. They allow you to upload a logo, change the background, change theme color, create sliders etc. You can also add a membership area, registration forms, contact details, eCommerce functions and so much more. Better yet, WordPress handles a variety of media formats, including images and videos. There really isn’t any type of website or content that you can’t display with WordPress.

As such, the CMS is great for blogs, personal websites, professional websites, business websites, and even social networks.

Need a website? Nomadic Advertising recommends WordPress

Because of the many benefits of WordPress, our professional web designers at Nomadic Advertising strongly recommend it as the best option for building a website. But of course that is easy for them to say, they are the experts. And that is precisely why, if you are in need of creating a reliable and up to speed website, you should consider contacting us and we will help you set up a modern website that can rank favorably on Google and other search engines.

We don’t end our service once your website is up and running, instead, we go a few steps further:

  • WordPress SEO: we optimize your WordPress code to make it easily readable by search engines.
  • User experience: our team will structure your website in a way that is friendly to search engines and attractive to online users. 
  • Content: we create and deliver high-quality content that can attract and retain the attention of your target audience. 
  • On-site SEO: this includes all the steps that we take to improve elements on your website to make it rank higher and pull more relevant traffic.
  • Off-site SEO: includes steps that we take outside your website to ensure that it appears higher on search engine results pages.

So, what are you waiting for? Claim your online presence today with Nomadic Advertising by contacting us and seeing everything we can do for your business. You won’t be able to remember what your website looked like before working with us and the traffic it used to get will be a distant memory. 

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