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March 7, 2024

In a world where every home improvement company is vying for visibility, standing out to potential customers can seem like remodeling a house in the dark. This guide is your flashlight, illuminating a path through the digital marketing maze in the home improvement industry.

From crafting Google Ads that catch the eye to designing Facebook campaigns as bespoke as a kitchen remodel, let us lay the foundations for captivating your target audience.

Why is digital marketing useful for home remodeling?

Digital marketing opens up invaluable exposure for home improvement services hoping to connect with prospective customers and potential clients. Strategic ad campaigns can specifically target homeowners looking for renovation contractors in their area.

Key priorities are:

  • Choosing the right platforms and ad types to reach your audience.
  • Focusing your budget on tried-and-true channels like Google Ads and Facebook to promote your business to local markets. We recommend you research which formats resonate best with happy customers in the home improvement industry.
  • Tailoring digital marketing strategies with purpose-driven ads on relevant platforms is essential for contractors looking to generate more qualified leads and grow their client base of homeowners needing remodeling services.

Home remodeling ads and renovation ads.

Harness the power of digital advertising to grow your business by showing homeowners how you’ll solve their pain points. This can be done in your copy with phrases like: “revamp your space”, “better layouts”, and “updated style”.

You can also tailor your ads to the right social media platforms: Facebook for storytelling, Instagram for stunning before/afters, and fill Google Ads with the right keywords for visibility.

Action verbs in your copy are also your friends, words like “transform,” “expand,” and “modernize” bring your ads to life.

Finally, build trust with those potential leads by showcasing testimonials and star ratings on all platforms and make it easy to reach out with a call to action like “Schedule a Free Consultation.”

Home improvement Google ads

Initiate your Google AdWords campaign by clearly defining its objective, whether it’s boosting your online search visibility, generating leads, or increasing sales.

We recommend you select your strategy based on whether you’re focusing on extensive renovations or minor updates, using precise keywords like “luxury renovations” to target affluent clients or “efficient small-space remodels” for those seeking smaller tasks.

Target Market Insight

It’s also important to analyze your target audience in-depth. For example, if your specialty lies in eco-conscious renovations, emphasize this with keywords such as “eco-friendly home construction” or “sustainable home repairs,” ensuring you connect with homeowners valuing sustainability.

Distinctive Ad Copy

In order to stand out from your competition, start by asking yourself one simple question: what sets your service apart from home improvement customers?

Try featuring unique selling points like “rapid renovation services” or “historic home renovation to distinguish your offerings. And use seasonal or regional specifics, like “flood-resistant upgrades” for areas prone to flooding, enhancing ad relevance.

Performance Monitoring

Finally – and regularly – assess your ad performance, focusing on high-impact keywords or phrases and adjusting based on which campaigns resonate most, optimizing for both search engine optimization and user engagement.

Home improvement Facebook ads

Let’s address some questions you might have first:

Why Are Facebook Ads Relevant for This Industry?

They enable a home remodeling business to present detailed visuals and narratives of their home remodeling projects, directly reaching those considering home enhancements.

What Are the Benefits of It?

The core benefits include targeted engagement with interested audiences, enhancing brand visibility for the remodeling business, and driving project inquiries, which are vital for successful home improvement marketing and business growth.

How Do People Create a Home Improvement Facebook Ad?

  • Define Your Campaign Goal: Select a goal that aligns with your business objectives, such as ‘Increase Brand Awareness’ or ‘Drive Traffic’ to showcase your home improvement services.
  • Name Your Campaign: Assign a clear, descriptive name to your campaign for easy tracking, like “Home Renovation Spring Offer.”
  • Set Up Your Ad Set: This is where you detail who will see your ad. For a home improvement business, target demographics likely to need your services, such as homeowners interested in renovations.
  • Craft Your Ad: Choose a format that best displays your work, like Carousel for multiple before-and-after images or Video to show transformations in action.
  • Determine Your Budget: Decide how much you want to spend based on your campaign‘s reach and duration goals.

Using the following structured approach will also be helpful to effectively leverage Facebook ads for your home improvement business:

Showcasing Transformation:

Begin with before and after images in your ad to visually capture the dramatic changes your remodeling company can effectuate. For instance, illustrate a kitchen‘s upgrade from dated to modern chic, highlighting the quality and detail that define your work.

Highlighting Excellence:

Integrate five-star customer reviews within the ad (visible below on the bottom left), demonstrating satisfaction and building trust with prospective clients. Such endorsements underscore the reputation of your improvement contractors and the overall business.


This cohesive approach not only showcases the expertise and results of your business but also strategically aligns with customer expectations, enhancing the ad’s impact and engagement on Facebook.

How to target homeowners on Facebook?

To effectively harness Facebook Ads Manager we recommend you focus on the following aspects:

  • Demographic and Interest Targeting: Choose demographics like homeownership status, age, and interests that align with typical home improvement clientele, such as DIY home projects or interior design enthusiasts.
  • Utilize Lookalike Audiences: Create lookalike audiences based on your existing customer base who have previously engaged with your home improvement projects, maximizing outreach to similar profiles.
  • Geo-Targeting: Specify the ad reach to areas where your home improvement services are available, focusing on regions with a higher demand for such projects.

Leveraging Facebook Ads Manager with these targeted strategies enables your home improvement business to connect with relevant audiences, showcasing your expertise and attracting potential customers interested in transforming their living spaces into something special.

Home remodeling slogans

To enhance your slogans’ psychological appeal and effectiveness, consider these insights into why specific words or phrases resonate in the home remodeling industry:

Emphasize Transformation:

Words like “transform”, “turning” or “revamp” in a slogan such as “Turning houses into homes” play on the psychological desire for renewal and improvement, striking a chord with homeowners eager for change.



A slogan like “No job too big. No job too small” addresses potential anxieties about project size or complexity, reassuring customers that their specific needs can and will be met, encouraging a sense of capability.


Aspirational Messaging:

Using uplifting language, as in “Elevate Your Home, Elevate Your Life,” connects home improvement to broader life improvements, appealing to the customer’s desire for betterment and aspiration.

Clarity and Directness:

Simple yet powerful slogans like “Design. Build. Renovate.” offer clear insight into the service offerings, making the business approach and process transparent to the potential customer, which is key for trust-building.


Value Proposition:

“Budgeting doesn’t mean giving up on style” directly addresses common customer concerns about cost versus aesthetics, providing reassurance that value and quality are not mutually exclusive, which can be a significant decision-making factor.


Bathroom remodeling advertising

Homeowners, especially new ones, often prioritize bathroom renovations, so your advertising should clearly communicate how your services meet their unique needs.

Video Content:

You could create an engaging short video series addressing common remodeling questions to target customers and engage your audience. This could involve walkthroughs of different bathroom styles or quick tips for bathroom renovations.

These videos can also be easily repurposed to a YouTube channel, further bolstering your SEO efforts:

Targeted SEO Strategies:

Speaking of SEO, optimize your bathroom improvement Ads with keywords specific to bathroom remodeling, such as “bathroom renovation services,” “custom bathroom designs,” or “eco-friendly bathroom materials.” This will help attract individuals actively searching for these services online.

Leverage Customer Testimonials:

Feature detailed reviews and testimonials that speak to your expertise in bathroom remodeling. Specific comments on timely completion, budget adherence, and communication can significantly influence potential customers.

And at Nomadic we’ve seen firsthand how targeted Facebook ads can transform bathroom remodeling outreach.

By honing in on lookalike audiences, our campaign for Bath Fitter’s spoke directly to those with an interest in enhancing their bathrooms, mirroring the preferences of existing satisfied customers.

Kitchen remodel advertising



In this sub niche, choose platforms that align with your target demographic’s preferences. For instance, use Instagram for its visual appeal to showcase high-quality images of kitchen transformations and Pinterest for idea boards related to kitchen styles and trends.

PPC Campaigns
Deploy PPC with precision, selecting keywords like “modern kitchen remodels” to attract specific searchers. Emphasize the transformation potential in your ads, linking directly to standout kitchen portfolio pieces.

Kitchen-Centric Emails
Got a growing, engaged email list? Use email marketing to showcase your detailed kitchen remodel stories, emphasizing aesthetic enhancements and functional improvements.

Final home improvement advertising ideas

Here are some more ideas to further enhance your advertising:

  • Craft campaigns that speak directly to local trends or construction codes, like “Miami storm-safe windows”.
  • Share detailed case studies or project diaries in your ads, emphasizing the personalized journey of a specific kitchen or bathroom transformation.
  • Partner with local material suppliers or interior designers and feature these collaborations in your ads, demonstrating a network of quality and trust.
  • Create a virtual home tour or design customization tool, inviting potential clients to engage directly and interactively.

Find your home improvement niche

Begin by looking into the specific needs within your local home improvement industry. Is there a higher demand for kitchen upgrades, bathroom renovations, or energy-efficient installations?

  • Conduct market research to pinpoint where your services can fill a gap.
  • Identify what your business does best – be it custom cabinetry, advanced home theaters, or attic conversions. Emphasize these specializations in your marketing to attract clients looking for your unique skills.
  • By concentrating on these areas, your business can effectively establish itself within a specific niche of the home improvement market, offering targeted solutions that resonate with your ideal customer base.
  • Building a reputation for mastery in one focused sub-niche beats diluting your brand across many.

What should a home improvement marketing strategy include?

To truly resonate within the home improvement sector, your strategy should mirror the detail and care you apply to your projects:

  1. Pinpoint Your Audience: Zero in on homeowners craving transformations, from energy-efficient upgrades to stylish remodels. Understand their demographics, like young families seeking child-friendly renovations or retirees optimizing for accessibility.
  2. Stand out with clear differentiation: Whether it’s your expertise in designing sleek, minimalist interiors for urban dwellings or your specialization in transforming rustic farmhouses into modern, luxurious retreats.
  3. Digital Showcase: Optimize your website to highlight project galleries and testimonials, emphasizing ease of use and visual appeal.
  4. SEO and PPC: Tailor your online presence to feature in local search results, focusing on keywords and ads that connect directly with your services.
  5. Content Relevance: Produce engaging content that offers real value, from renovation tips to detailed project overviews.
  6. Direct Engagement: Use email and social platforms to share insights, build relationships, and showcase your expertise.
  7. Community Presence: Establish local partnerships and visible branding at events and through signage to enhance your network.

Wrapping up

A successful renovation requires specialized tools and expertise for every stage – and your website deserves the same attention to detail. Let Nomadic handle the web design complexities, empowering you to focus solely on those incredible home transformations.

Schedule your free consultation today and let’s see what we can build together!

Key Takeaways

  • Target your ideal audience. Consider the homeowner‘s needs, desired style, and location – tailor your messaging accordingly.
  • Choose the right platforms. Google Ads and Facebook offer powerful targeting tools to reach homeowners in your area.
  • Use compelling visuals and copy. Highlight transformations with striking before-and-after images and use action-oriented language.
  • Showcase customer reviews. Build trust and credibility by featuring positive testimonials on your ads and website.
  • Find your niche. Specialize in a particular style or type of renovation to differentiate your business.













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