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November 17, 2022

Some of the most profitable business interactions happen online, which means the social media space has a lot of benefits to offer B2B brands.  Here at Nomadic Advertising, we know using social media is a major way to build a brand and get more customers, keep reading to find out exactly how to do it.

The secret of most of the brands that are currently thriving on social media is that, contrary to popular belief, they only occasionally talk about their products and services. Most of the time they focus their efforts on engaging their audience with content that interests them, thereby increasing the traffic to the site. This shift over the last few years has meant that these companies have changed the narratives of what it means to be a brand on social media, they have changed the game. 

In order to be a successful business, you will need to learn how to use social media to your advantage and, more importantly, keep up with the trends, because once the tide has shifted, anyone that is not on board with it will most likely sink, and we don’t want that to be you. 

So grab a life jacket and take a look at our tips below to know how to scale up your brand on social media:

1. Set goals

Having goals is essential to start your journey towards your dreams because they’ll keep you on track to the results you want to achieve after a set amount of time. 

Defining your goal is key to building a successful brand online. Each goal should be achievable and tailored to the brand’s needs at a particular time. For example, a company just starting should focus on building the brand’s awareness on social media. They should do this by posting related content regularly, making their target audience aware of their presence.

2. Check out other brands that are doing well

Keep an eye on the brands that are doing well on social media and see if you can also implement what they are doing. Then, check their posts and campaigns to see how they engage their audience. It’s okay to take inspiration from others when you are starting out. Don’t be afraid to gauge your competition and try to emulate their success, and the successful content they have produced. Check their high-performing content to give you an idea of the keywords to use when creating your own.

The secret to doing this the right way will be to never outright copy your competition, because this will seem lazy and people will catch on to you and, more importantly, add your own personal touch to these posts. Add a twist that is all about your brand, customize it to your needs and you’ll see how your brand’s identity starts to take shape and engage your audience. 

3. Showcase your employees

Your employees are a great asset to your brand. When B2B puts the face of their employees out, the audience attaches the faces to the brand, thereby increasing their engagement. Since people relate more with brands with a real look, putting your employees out there can increase the organization’s influence.

Also, this method can help boost employee trust and increase loyalty and retention. Having their faces out there will encourage them to share information about the company, thereby increasing the customer base. Even friends and families of the employee will be willing to share information about the person featured on your brand. This method will indirectly increase your engagement.

4. Create a unique brand voice

People can attach a voice to a brand which means having a unique one can differentiate you from other companies. Just as logos differentiate brands from one another, we observed that a unique voice can work the same magic.

The brand voice makes your company stand out and helps the audience easily remember your brand across social media platforms. In the long run, this method boosts customer engagement and increases brand loyalty.

5. Be consistent

Consistency registers your brand in people’s minds. It makes you the first option when there is a need for your products and services. It might look easy when you start posting on social media but maintaining the energy is the real deal. It may be difficult, though, since posting engaging content requires planning and time, but posting consistently will definitely boost the strength of your brand and increases its loyalty. We promise you, consistency in engaging your online audience is achievable. You can even set a schedule for posting content thereby making your audience look forward to your posts.

6. Tweak your content and posting times

After gaining some online presence, you can experiment with your content. For example, you can make a fine adjustment to some of your content or posting schedule. Afterward, try to notice if the new method will gather more engagements.

At Nomadic Advertising, we know firsthand that every audience is different. Knowing the one that works for you can be a game-changer in your business. You can alternate your posts and see if the audience reacts to them more. You can also check how your audience responds to different hashtags by changing them when there is a new post.

7. Engage your audience in a conversation

Social media platforms are for people to connect and interact with one another. So take time to interact with your audience.  Interacting with them will avoid making it seem like you are pushing your products or services on them(2).

You can tell them a story, describe a relatable scene, or ask for their opinion on a recent event. You can also ask questions that will cause an emotional stir to enable them to react. This method allows you to see your audience’s perspective and interest.

Take note of what captures your audience’s attention and engage them in a conversation. This approach will interest most people and make them engage more with your content. For example, you can have Facebook discussions and Twitter spaces to interact with your audience about what is happening. Their views can also form the basis of your next content, ensuring they’ll already be hooked on your following post. 


Contact us to build your brand’s social media presence

If you agree with what we have been discussing so far then it is fair to say we all now understand the importance of having a strong social media presence, and the incommensurable benefits that will bring to your business. From building trust and making it easy for your customer to reach you to creating brand awareness and making your product and services visible to a large audience, social media is really a world of possibilities waiting for you.

If you are convinced of the benefits but unsure of where to begin, let us help you. Our team at Nomadic Advertising is highly knowledgeable about putting a brand out there. We will assist you in building and maintaining a strong online presence in order to improve sales. Our services include scheduling social media posts, developing engaging content that will attract your target audience, and other social media-related services. We also offer search engine optimization services that will drive traffic to your sites. 

Contact us to know more about our services and how we can scale up your business. You can also book a free consultation with us, in which we will discuss how our services can help you move your brand to the next level on all social media platforms. Your new brand success is just a few clicks away! 


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