A Practical Construction Marketing Guide to Build Your Brand

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December 22, 2023

Construction companies can only thrive when they have ongoing projects. Your business needs enough work that keep your team busy. This is where marketing comes in. Construction industry marketing seeks to promote construction services and attract new clients. Long-term marketing strategies can also help you build a strong brand presence within your industry. Think of marketing as the fuel for growth in your construction company.

In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to an effective construction industry marketing strategy.

Construction industry marketing strategy

A construction marketing strategy helps in positioning your construction company correctly and in determining the right market segment to target with a particular marketing effort. But what exactly should you include in your strategy? What aspects should you focus on?

Marketing has many features and pathways you can follow, but not all of them will be as relevant to the construction industry. Below are digital marketing strategies that we consider important to include in your construction marketing strategy so you know exactly what to look for.

Construction website ideas

Every business needs an online presence. A website gives you just that. Your ideal customers are online and your website is where they go to learn more about your business. Your website helps them decide whether your business is worthy of their money. If your ideal customers don’t find you online, they can easily move to your competitors. Having a website for your construction business is essential for acquiring new customers and retaining old ones.

When developing your construction company website, it is important to keep in mind the technical aspects like speed, security, user experience, performance, and functionality. Your website should also feature a modern, sleek, and attractive design with good navigation. Place what the user needs where they can see it to help retain them on your site.

We recommend that your construction company’s website features a gallery or portfolio page showcasing pictures and videos of past projects. Your designer could also get creative with current projects by showcasing the present state of projects and the desired end result. If you have any future projects that could impress your potential clients, be sure to upload those on your site as well.

Case studies should be published on your website discussing completed projects, the goal, the process, the end result, and how your construction firm created a structured solution to help the client realize their dream.

Testimonials, a team page, company information, contact forms, and professional images of your team on-site and in the office should also take proper precedence on your construction company’s website.

If you wish to stand out, then we highly recommend being creative. For instance, your construction company can also feature a live editor for clients to use tools and templates to create a 3D prototype of their desired design which could be sent to your design team for a touch of perfection. This would require your user to be logged in, and thus legal contracts, billing, progress tracking and more can be featured on their account and managed from their dashboard.

Developing a website that works for your construction company can take some time and will definitely require certain previous experience, especially if you want your site to not only stand out but stay ahead of the competition. If you’d like some help getting the process started, consider hiring some extra help to take care of it for you.

Construction SEO

Building your construction company website is a good start. Nevertheless, without search-engine-optimized content, your website will not get the chance to make it to the first page of search engines.

As a construction company looking to market your services organically, keyword research and link building should be at the heart of your SEO efforts.

Keyword research is the process of using tools to find out the phrases that users are typing into a search engine and which of them would benefit you more. With this data, you can now create relevant content for your website such as blog posts that are based on the best-fitting keywords. This increases your chances of popping up in search engine result pages (SERPs) when a user searches that keyword.

However, keyword research is just a single piece in your construction SEO strategy as there are tons of factors that help a search engine decide if your content is valuable. Backlinks are one of them. This makes link-building another integral part of your SEO strategy.

Link building is simply the process of getting your website URL on other websites in your industry. This makes a search engine believe you are an authority in your field and your website is valuable, thus worthy to be indexed.

Another use of SEO and the keywords you get out of your research would be to create useful and solid content around the terms your target audience is searching for. This could mean service pages tackling the services most relevant to your audience, or blogs that answer the questions they have and position your company as the best business to not only address their concerns but offer to fix their issues.

As you can see, there are a lot of factors that go into an SEO strategy and we didn’t even cover them all! There are many other instances that could greatly benefit a construction company. If you’d like to know more about how SEO can organically position your business ahead of your competition and directly reach your target audience, consider hiring experts who will create a tailored SEO strategy to meet your business goals.

Social media marketing for construction companies

The internet provides many different ways for potential clients to find you, with a solid company website being only one of those possibilities. Nowadays, a large number of potential clients can also be found on the different social media platforms available.

Many of them are asking for recommendations on which construction companies to hire using these channels. In order to create awareness for your business and your website, you need a social media presence too.

We recommend Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter for your construction company’s social media advertising. Facebook is reportedly the biggest social media platform in the world with over three billion monthly users [1], which makes it a solid place to start.

LinkedIn is perfect for building your company’s professional profile. LinkedIn is corporate-themed and should be treated as your regular social network. It is the perfect place to establish yourself as an authority in the construction industry, share valuable knowledge, engage actively in construction groups, and obtain recommendations and reviews.

Twitter can be used to form relationships with potential clients through construction-themed tweets and re-tweets.

Construction social media posts

Each platform is unique and should be treated as such. It is important to understand that uploading the same content across your social media platforms is a bad practice. What works on one platform may not work on the other.

Your construction Facebook posts may include simple lifehacks, homeowner tips, construction facts, promotional posts, and even construction memes.

Your Twitter account could feature construction statistics, interesting facts, and questions and answers. Tutorials and how-to videos, on the other hand, should be posted to YouTube.

You may add a bit of professionalism to your LinkedIn construction posts. Anything from work anniversaries to how the team at your construction company is doing at a construction site, or what your company learned from a recent construction project, etc.

The advertisement of a construction company

We highly recommend running paid ads such as Google ads alongside your SEO strategy. Paid ads can be used to achieve a number of objectives from creating awareness to generating more leads. There are several ad platforms where you can run your construction ads. To begin with, you could consider focusing on the social media channels your company already uses. These may likely include Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You should also include Google ads in your strategy as it places your construction company right above organic search results on Google’s SERP.

Running paid ads is a powerful marketing tool for getting new customers. Depending on your marketing budget, you can target a very specific audience and deliver a structured message that is designed to drive engagement, web traffic, and return on your investment.

Construction PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model where you pay for your ad only when someone clicks on it. Most ad networks like Google and Facebook offer the PPC advertising model. Running a construction PPC ad campaign can place your business right in front of ready buyers in your target market who are actively searching for your services.

Creating a successful construction PPC campaign requires a solid strategy. Start by conducting thorough keyword research to find the right keywords to bid on. Your ad copy should be compelling and attention-grabbing. Your audience should also find your copy relatable. We recommend you offer incentives that make your audience want to click your ad and ensure that your landing page is optimized for conversion.

There are several advantages of running ads and many reasons and factors that can help you determine the best platform for your company. It can depend on the type of audience you want to target, the services you want to promote, and even your budget. Consider contacting us if you’d like to know more about setting up the perfect ad campaign for your company.

Construction industry email list

Email marketing is a strategy where businesses send promotional messages and updates to a group of people through their emails. These people could be previous or potential customers. An email list is the collection of email addresses to which a business sends its promotional messages.

Your construction email list would be a list of customers, potential customers, and people who have shown interest in your construction business in one way or another.

Having your own construction email list allows you to implement email marketing and include it in your construction marketing strategy. Email marketing allows you to create customized content targeted at a specific segment of your email list. Sending timely campaigns can improve sales. Your email list is yours, and it lets you speak directly to your customers. It can be used as a tool that converts leads into paying customers. With email marketing, you can also get old construction clients calling you for updates on a new service.

Your construction industry email list can be built by collecting emails from customers and potential customers. Practical ways to do this involve running ad campaigns to boost email signups, conducting a construction-based survey, using creative incentives, and optimizing your CTAs.

Final marketing ideas for a construction company

We believe we have covered a lot of ground thus far and have produced a solid marketing guide for any construction company that might be in need of this service. However, there are a couple of extra tips we can share:

1) Set up profiles for your construction company on construction business directories.

2) Join and become an active member of a construction association.

3) Optimize your construction business for local searches.

4) Give back to your local community. Donating leftover materials is one way to do this.

5) Partner with building material companies and promote each other.

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How to market a construction company

Marketing a construction company begins with defining your niche and understanding your audience. Larger marketing efforts like building a website and creating content can then be set in to suit your niche and the interest of your audience.

What is a construction company marketing plan?

A construction company marketing plan is a document that provides information about how a construction company plans to use advertising and marketing to reach its target market. This document defines a construction company’s goal, budget, competition, target market, as well as marketing tactics.

How to find construction leads

Construction companies can find construction leads through various channels. When thinking of construction leads, your website should be the first place that comes to mind. Your website should be designed and written in a way that makes your visitors want to choose you. Construction leads can also be found on social media. Ensure your construction company has properly optimized social media accounts across every platform. You can also use construction directories and lead generation services to find construction leads.




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