Is paying for Google Ads worth it?

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November 3, 2022

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Imagine a world where you could put your product in front of customers at the very moment they need it. This is exactly what Google Ads helps you achieve. Google Ads is a popular pay-per-click advertising platform where businesses can bid to display ads and offerings to potential customers.

Released as Google Adwords back in 2000, Google Ads brought with it the first revolution in digital advertising, with companies paying to appear higher up on their page. Twenty-two years later, the online world looks a bit different: it now has a considerable amount of social platforms and advertising channels, and many new ways to advertise your business. It’s no surprise people are wondering if Google Ads is still working, and if it is still a valuable investment for their businesses.

Allow us to give you our piece of advice: of course, paying for Google Ads is still worth it! But don’t just take our word for it, we’ll show you. Let’s start by taking a look at the platform’s working model:


How does Google Ads work?

Setting up a Google Ad starts with the very basis of SEO. You select keywords your potential customers are likely to type into Google and you bid on them. By bidding, you are letting Google know how much you are willing to pay every time your ad is clicked. 

A live Google Ad is displayed above Google’s organic search results when a user types in your targeted keywords. This places you in front of potential customers at the exact moment they are looking for what you are selling.

Google Ads can also be displayed across the Google Network, which includes Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, Google Shopping and Google partner sites. A click on your ad irrespective of where it appears costs you the amount you bid on the keyword.


Here’s why know paying for Google Ads is worth it: 

1. Google Ads delivers results faster than SEO


Let’s start with a basic, straightforward reason. If you set up Google Ads today, your business will be ranking above websites that have spent years working on their SEO. This sounds great, but it is still important to know that Google will clearly show it’s a sponsored listing, which might not be ideal for everyone. Nevertheless, being on the top search results on Google is bound to bring you immediate results, which you can always benefit from, no matter the size or longevity of your business. If you’re launching a new product category or your business is relatively new, Google Ads is also a great way to bring in traffic while you work on your SEO. 

However, we are well aware that Google Ads is perfect for putting the word out there and getting immediate results, but our professional advice is that you still have an effective SEO strategy, because one cannot substitute the other. This is definitely something you might want to write down: when used together, a Google Ads campaign and a well-curated SEO strategy, is a sure road to overall business success.


2. Google Ads connects you with ready customers

By targeting the right keyword, your ads will be displayed to people who are actively in need of your product or service. This means Google Ads places you in front of people with purchase intentions.  

Additionally, you’ll appear at the top of the search results of people who are looking for something exactly like what you are offering. You’ll be able to solve a searcher’s problem without having to look for them, simply by appearing on their screen when they need you the most. This is a definitive way to drive a substantial amount of traffic to your offer. Let’s not forget, those who land on your website are already considering purchasing, so the hard part is halfway done.


3. Google Ads lets you target specific groups of customers

With Google Ads, you can set your business to appear only to specific groups as you would like. You can set geographical limits and appear to only local consumers if your business is limited to a local area. The same applies to industries and verticals. With Google Ads, you can establish authority and promote your business within a specific industry or geographical area using Google’s audience segments.


4. Google Ads offers your business unlimited potential in one platform

Scalability is one crucial factor in running a business. Google Ads offers you just that. There are millions of keywords you can bid for, which gives your business the otherwise rare ability to break into a whole new market in just a few clicks. You have an unlimited audience at your fingertips and the only restraining factor is the amount you are willing to spend. Google Ads puts you in control of your campaigns making you bid as you wish and pausing live ads when you desire.


5. Google Ads can reconnect you with warm customers

Warm customers are people who have interacted with your business but are yet to make a purchase. Through retargeting, Google Ads gives you the power to reconnect with people who have previously visited your website. It is common for web users to visit several websites before deciding where to buy from. It is also possible for customers to leave their cart without final checkout. This is where retargeting comes in.

A retargeting campaign through Google Ads can repeatedly show warm customers your product across the web through the Google Ad Network. This is effective as you can have your ad shown on every website where your previous visitors have been to.

We truly see the potential of remarketing campaigns because people who have shown interest in your product are likely to convert if reminded. 


Using Google Ads for your business

Without a doubt, Google Ads can deliver results in a short amount of time. And just like with any other platform or technological resource, the results may differ depending on how well you use them. We don’t find setting up a Google Ad campaign to be necessarily a difficult task, but it does require some skills. 

You first need to figure out which keywords are best, understand the concept of bidding and, after launching your ad, you need to constantly monitor it to identify trends, and know what is working and what isn’t. This is a brief overview of what it takes to have a successful Google Ads campaign: it requires time and a basic level of understanding in order to have some experience in the matter. The lack of any of these two aspects will likely lead to losing the money you have invested in your ad campaign.

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising like Google Ads, hiring a top digital marketing agency with a track record of proven Google Ads results is your best bet to save money on ad campaigns while at the same time maximizing results. We are the experts on this matter, so you can trust the tips we have given you so far as well as our experience in running successful and increasingly growing campaigns. 


Contact us today if you wish to enjoy the benefits running a Google Ad has to offer. With years of experience in the digital marketing sphere, we know what works and what doesn’t. We can save you from trial and error and help you save more by monitoring and optimizing ad campaigns for the best results. You can book a free consultation with us today and find out how the right Google Ads will work for your business’s unique needs. It’s that easy. 

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