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May 2, 2024

Revamping your remodeling business online can be like renovating a classic home—it’s all about foundational strengths and fresh improvements.

We’re going to give you a helping hand and lay out essential strategies: from optimizing your website and sharpening your SEO tactics with focused keywords for bathrooms and kitchens to dynamic advertising methods including Google Ads and Facebook campaigns.

We’ll also explore innovative advertising ideas for kitchen and bathroom projects and reveal how to effectively generate leads.

For remodeling business owners eager to build their online presence and attract more potential clients, this guide offers the tools to help your business thrive.

Optimize your remodeling website


Let’s start by focusing on the core of your digital presence: your website. Let’s shape it specifically for the remodeling industry to capture the unique essence of your work.

Here are some examples of what to do and companies who are doing it right:

1 – Display remodeling projects prominently, allowing potential clients to visualize what you can bring to their own spaces.

Ire Model’s “before and after” gallery does this to great effect.


2 – Incorporate client testimonials prominently on your homepage – a great online review is a big green flag to your target audience.

Client testimonials serve as a strong validation of your credibility and boost your online reputation, helping visitors feel more secure in their choice to engage with your services.

Toronto’s Oriel Renovations does this well in two different ways. First, they proudly display their Google reviews:



They further cement these positive reviews with mini case studies of what exactly they accomplished for happy customers:



3 – Ensure your site contains valuable content that addresses common homeowner concerns.

This might include detailed blogs on material choices, timelines, and budget planning, which are key for those considering remodeling projects. Such content not only engages users but also positions your site as a go-to resource.

Raptor Remodeling is aware of the strong value blog posts bring:


4 – Embed social media platforms on your website.

This allows potential customers to quickly access your latest projects and customer interactions, giving them a real-time view of your business’s capabilities.

Make this social proofing easy to find on your site, just like Kingsgate Luxury Homes did here:



5 – Finally, mobile optimization is critical.

A mobile-friendly remodeling website ensures that visitors accessing your site from smartphones have a smooth experience, which is vital for business growth in today’s digital age. Make navigation effortless, and ensure that your contact details are easy to find to convert visits into leads.

Calgary’s Ultimate Renovations is ranking really well on Google, and with their zippy mobile website we can see why. Even on smartphones, their video-heavy Homepage has no lag.


Pro Tip:

These five elements of a great remodeling website are just the start. You can also ensure your CTA, color scheme, loading speed, contact details, and more are all on point for prospective clients. There’s also more to website design and development to take into account.

Consider handing over all your website development needs to an experienced digital marketing agency to make your digital shopfront shine.

Home remodeling SEO


Just as a detailed blueprint directs and helps a builder, search engine optimization is a digital blueprint for your services – it guides potential clients to your site.

This strategic plan helps search engines like Google decipher your site’s structure and offerings, ensuring you’re recognized as a leading expert in remodeling projects.

How Can Remodelers Benefit?

  • Boost visibility: By showing up higher in searches, you’ll attract more website visitors actively looking for remodeling services.
  • Targeted traffic: SEO helps you reach people specifically interested in what your company does, increasing your chances of higher conversion rates.
  • Competitive edge: Outranking other remodeling contractors in your area with effective SEO is a powerful marketing strategy.

How Can You Boost Your Reach Beyond Your Website?

  • Google My Business: This free tool increases your business’s presence in local search results.
  • Strong online reviews: Positive reviews on sites like Google bolster your reputation and raise your visibility.
  • Link building: Getting reputable websites in the remodeling industry to link back to your website signals authority to search engines.

Although all of these aspects are crucial for a well-rounded SEO strategy, there is one aspect that should be at the heart of your SEO efforts: your keywords.

Remodeling keywords

Think of keyword research as the key to unlocking what your prospective customers are really looking for. It’s like having a coffee with them and listening to their needs, which helps you tailor your online content precisely to meet those demands, amplifying your visibility in organic search results.

Planning for Impact

When you integrate these insights into your marketing plan, it helps you attract clicks and draw in the right crowd that’s ready to remodel. This strategic approach refines your marketing efforts and climbs up the search engine rankings, putting you ahead of the competition.

Standing Out from the Crowd

In the hyper-competitive industry of remodeling, standing out is about being seen as the go-to expert. Proper keyword usage places your business front and center when potential clients start their search for remodeling experts.

How Can You Find These Keywords?

  • Google Search Console, Answer the Public, AlsoAsked (free tools with limited features and reach)
  • Keyword Chef, Keysearch, UberSuggest (midrange)
  • Ahrefs, SMrush, KWFinder Mangools (paid tools we recommend to give you an extra edge over your competition)

Pro Tip: 

Employing digital marketing services can help fine-tune your keywords, ensuring that your remodeling marketing strategy continuously evolves with market trends and keeps you connected with clients who are looking to renovate their spaces.

Example Bathroom remodeling keywords

Now that we know how important keywords are to your digital marketing strategies, let’s help you increase your customer base by finding some gems.

1. Start with Core Keywords:

Begin by finding and listing foundational keywords related to your offerings such as “bathroom remodel,” “bathroom renovation,” and “bathroom design.”

KeySearch was useful for some initial brainstorming.

2. Detail Your Services:

Expand your keyword list by including specifics about your services. Examples might be “custom bathroom tiles,” “luxury bathroom vanities,” or “full bathroom overhauls.”

Semrush was useful here:


3. Add Local Flair:

To draw in local clients, append your city or region to these keywords. This could include phrases like “bathroom remodelers in Denver,” “Phoenix luxury bathrooms,” or “bathroom design services in Miami.”

KWFinder Mangools is perfect for localized searches:


4. Explore Long-Tail Keywords:

Look for precise, long-tail keywords that prospective clients are likely to search for, such as “affordable bathroom renovation services in Chicago” or “luxury bath fitting suppliers in San Francisco.”

5. Implement and Monitor:

Regularly track their performance and adjust your strategy to focus on the most effective keywords for attracting local business.

Example Kitchen remodeling keywords

Let’s show you a similar but somewhat different approach to finding keywords for your kitchen remodeling pages:

1 – Identify Base Keywords:

Again, start by capturing broad but targeted keywords that define the kitchen remodeling scope, such as “kitchen makeover,” “kitchen refit,” and “kitchen update.”

Ahrefs got us off to a nice start here:

2 – Highlight Features and Functionality:

Shift focus to the functional aspects of a kitchen that might be most appealing to clients. Consider keywords like “integrated kitchen storage solutions,” “ergonomic kitchen design,” or “smart kitchen systems.”

3 – Incorporate Regional Nuances:

Instead of simply appending city names, embed keywords that also include neighborhood or well-known regional landmarks to tap into local SEO effectively. Use terms such as “kitchen remodeling near [landmark]” or “[neighborhood name] contemporary kitchen specialists.”

4 – Combine Descriptors for Specificity:

Develop keywords that combine functional features with aesthetic descriptors. Examples might include “Scandinavian-inspired kitchen renovation in [City]” or “rustic style kitchen remodel in [Area].”

5 – Answer Questions:

AlsoAsked will give you three free searches a day to make your keyword hunting a little easier:


Home remodeling advertising

Creating a focused ad strategy is imperative for targeting the right client base in the remodeling industry. It ensures your marketing efforts are seen by homeowners actively looking to renovate, maximizing both reach and budget effectiveness.

How should remodeling companies pick between Google Ads and Facebook Ads?

If immediate project leads are your priority, Google Ads offers targeted visibility to users searching specifically for remodeling services. For broader brand awareness and reaching a wider audience that might consider remodeling in the future, Facebook Ads excel with their robust demographic targeting on social platforms.

Which platform drives better results?

Google Ads typically provides quicker conversions by reaching customers at the decision point. However, Facebook Ads can nurture long-term relationships more effectively, building interest and engagement through visual content and stories about past remodeling successes.

Key Technical Considerations

When crafting ads, remember:

  • For Google Ads: It’s important to optimize for location-specific keywords to attract nearby homeowners.
  • For Facebook Ads: Highlight compelling before-and-after project photos to engage potential clients.


Remodeling Google ads

Google Ads puts your remodeling company in front of people actively searching for renovation services in your area. These potential customers are already in the decision-making process, making them higher-quality leads.

Understanding the Pay-Per-Click Model

Unlike regular advertising, Google Ads operates on a pay-per-click system. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad. Since there’s a limited number of people searching for remodeling services each day, competition can drive the price per click up in busy remodeling markets.

Balancing Cost and Opportunity

While Google Ads can be more expensive in competitive areas, the quality of leads can make the investment worthwhile. With careful targeting and bidding, your remodeling business can benefit from connecting with people ready to get started with their projects.

Home remodeling Facebook ads

Unlike Google Ads where people actively search for remodeling help, Facebook lets you reach probable clients who might not be ready to commit. These leads may require more nurturing, but Facebook’s targeting options are a game-changer.

Laser-Focused Targeting

Imagine showing your bathroom renovation expertise to homeowners who’ve recently liked home design pages. Facebook’s targeting allows this precision, putting your remodeling services in front of the right audience.

Cost-Effective Brand Awareness

Facebook Ads can generate leads at a lower cost per lead compared to Google Ads. This lets you build brand awareness and establish your remodeling company as a trusted local expert.

Examples of Facebook ads for kitchen remodeling

For successful Facebook ads on kitchen remodeling, it’s important to weave together visual appeal with strategic messaging.

Let’s look at some examples:

1 – Seven Kitchen & Bath Remodeling

We like this succinct and clean Ad. It lets its copy breathe and tells the reader exactly what’s on offer in a few words.

Using and centering 20% offwas a good call as it captures the eye and is reinforced with a CTA on the bottom right to claim this offer.


2 – Remodel Works Bath & Kitchen

What we like:

  • “Enhance” is always a good copy to use in this industry
  • The Ad is well localized with “San Diego”
  • Experience matters, “Since 1984,” tells the Facebook scroller they have 40 years of experience
  • High-quality pictures


3 – Kitchen Design and Remodelling

We have mixed feelings on this one. It starts strong by asking a question – this is always a great idea in Ad copy.

But the rest of it needs a lot of work. If we were working with this client we’d advise them to pull back on so many emojis, use a more professional font on the pictures, and overall give it a more professional look.

4 – Kitchen Medic Home Remodelling

What we like:

  • Although it has emojis too, it’s just a couple and it doesn’t take away from the overall Ad
  • There’s a question in there and a free consultation offer
  • Locality
  • Really strong before and after pics – that transformation is fantastic and will catch the eye

5 – Kitchen Design and Remodeling


What we like:

  • Video wins over static pics almost every single time with Facebook Ads
  • Clutter-free. Too many Facebook Ads hit the reader with walls of text – this one avoids that
  • It leads with “Finance options” – as more and more people feel the pinch of inflation they’ll want to see these words on Ad copy

Remodeling advertising ideas

To make your remodeling ads pop, include enticing offers like free consultations or quotes. Displaying before and after photos of your projects can powerfully demonstrate the impact of your work, helping clients envision potential transformations.

Kitchen Remodeling Advertising

Effectively market kitchen remodeling services by using precise, location-based keywords and aligning with potential clients’ intents. Highlight unique features such as “custom cabinetry in [City]” or “modern appliance upgrades” to capture attention and drive engagement, showcasing how these changes can revolutionize everyday spaces.

Bathroom Remodeling Marketing Ideas

When advertising bathroom renovations, emphasize the luxury and functionality you bring. Keywords like “luxury bathroom installers in [City]” or “fast, affordable bathroom updates” draw in those ready to renovate. Use visuals that contrast the old and new to underscore the dramatic improvements your services provide, making a compelling case to prospective customers.

How to find home remodel leads?

As we’ve seen, in the quest for home remodel leads, combining SEO, Google Ads, and targeted social media advertising forms a robust foundation. These digital tools connect you directly with homeowners actively seeking renovation services, enhancing your visibility and lead quality.

Now let’s develop it further with some more ideas:

Expanding Your Reach

Don’t overlook the power of organic strategies such as getting listed in local business directories and national ones like Houzz. These methods complement your paid efforts, expanding your digital footprint and reinforcing your online presence.

Leveraging Community Connections

Incorporate referrals and cross-promotions into your strategy. Partner with related businesses—like plumbers or electricians—who can refer clients planning kitchen or bathroom remodels. This not only diversifies your lead sources but also strengthens community ties, making your business a local staple for home improvement.

What else?

– Industry Events: Network at trade shows, home expos, or local builder association meetings. Showcase your expertise and connect with prospective clients who are actively seeking remodeling services.

– Even More Community Involvement: Volunteer for a local restoration project. Giving back to the community demonstrates your commitment and positions you as a trusted neighborhood resource.

– Word-of-Mouth Marketing: It’s a classic for a reason! Provide exceptional customer service and exceed expectations. Happy clients are your biggest advocates, and their recommendations can turn into new leads.


Looking for a remodeling marketing agency?

At Nomadic Advertising, we’re all about refreshing your website, boosting your SEO, and harnessing the best advertising tools to make sure your remodeling services shine brighter than the rest. Think of us as the renovation team for your online presence.

Eager for a marketing makeover? Let’s chat. Schedule your free 30-minute consultation with us today, and let’s start crafting a welcoming online home that draws in clients and keeps them coming back.

Key Takeaways

  • Website: Showcase projects, client testimonials, and remodeling guides. Optimize for mobile.
  • SEO: Use targeted keywords like “bathroom remodel Denver” and “kitchen renovation Chicago.”
  • Ads: Google Ads target active searchers. Facebook Ads build brand awareness.
  • Marketing: Network at industry events, partner with complementary businesses, and leverage social media.











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